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unaccompanied minor on flights from Nice

Posted by slf-242498 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by slf-242498 - 6 years ago

Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts to this thread. It would appear that BMI Baby is the best option (unless you know otherwise!)


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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago

Sounds like it would be cheaper for YOU to take the child in the morning and take the night flight back. Or find somebody that would like a free flight on easyjet.

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Posted by Francesca1521 - 6 years ago

We had to phone easy jet and booked it over the phone as online they don't give you an option, but was really straight forward (think we had to fill in a form, well mum did, but can't remember) but it all went smoothly one the day.

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Posted by Ferney-France - 6 years ago

I looked into this the other day and British Midland was the only one I found flying to London. I didn't know about BMI Baby so that's good to know.

You can't book online for British Midland though, you have to call them

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Posted by J982 - 6 years ago

I fly regularly with BMIbaby, Nice- Birmingham. I did this trip last week and noticed on board they had posters advertising a new service for flying unaccompanied minors on this route. I am fairly certain (but not 100%) that the ages were from 7 years old. I don't know if it's any help, as from Nice, I believe BMIbaby only fly to Birmingham and East Midlands. Might be worth looking into though. Good luck!

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Posted by trae1107 - 6 years ago

British Airways are re-starting their Nice/Gatwick route - but I'm not sure exactly which month this year. They offer unaccompanied minors service. I would also agree with previous posts - I was fairly certain that it wasn't possible with Easyjet. Best bet, check when the BA service starts and go with them.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

As far as I know easyJet have never taken UMs. A child under 14 must be accompanied by someone over 16 (18?). It's all in their conditions of carraige.

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Posted by pavlova-284145 - 6 years ago

So, who is correct? I have been flying my son over by BA/Air France as I also think EasyJet doesn't take UMs under 14. They certainly didn't last summer!

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Posted by Francesca1521 - 6 years ago

Well my 10 year old charge flew with Easyjet from Nice to either Gatwick/ or luton (can't remember which) that was last summer so 9 months ago!

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Posted by naneen - 6 years ago

Yes Francesca is indeed 100% incorrect Easyjet only take children from 14 and up. I have been flying my stepson over for several years and the only option is Air France/ KLM. Very expensive though, there isn't a cheap option- minimum fare is around 350.00 euros rtn but I have paid over 400euros before and even been quoted 760.00 on one occassion- I didn't book that one :).
They also have to fly via Paris or Amsterdam and the stopover is a minimum of 1/12hrs but sometimes anything up to 5 hrs. Not that this ever really bothered my stepson, I think they have Playstations and other stuff at the Amsterdam stopover.
You also have to book by telephone which costs 34centimes a min and takes forever so budget another 15-20 euros for the call. If you live near the airport you can book it there too, they have free phones.
Hope I don't sound too negative but the process has driven me mad for years but hey hooray he is turning 14 in June so easyjet here we come! yipee. Hope this helps- the reservations number is on the AirFrance website.