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Vegetarian Group

Posted by tati Geurts - Created: 12 years ago
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Posted by narianne - 10 years ago


my family and i are vegetarians. i was born a vegetarian. i would like to join your group.

when is the next meet up?



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Posted by MouginsMarc - 11 years ago

Hello, I am a long time vegetarian who moved to the area this winter with my mostly veggie wife. I'm also interested in meeting other veggies for dinners out together, or maybe even a "pot-luck" (as we say in the states...)

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Posted by magellen - 11 years ago

just spotted your looking for fellow vegetarians spot - I have been one for a long time and would welcome being part of an enthusiastic group. Generally one can find something to eat in restaurants these days, but not always a choice. I live in Grasse (originally from Scotland) but can get to Antibes or around if you decide to hold group meetings in that area. There have been one or two veggie restaurants around the area from time to time but unfortunately they do not last, probably because there's not a lot of interest in our food which can be far from boring!

Look forward to hearing the next step


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Posted by patricia.giannandrea@laposte.net - 11 years ago

I'm Patricia and I'm very interested to be in the vegetarian group, I'm french and I live in Antibes.

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Posted by ka.milka - 11 years ago

Hello all,

I'm also a vegetarian, almost one year already. I'm also very new to the area.. Frejus area.. I just came to France, couple of months before. What I really miss are people who think similiary.. vegetarian people. I've got a boyfriend which is not vegetarian..we understand ourselves good but stil it coul be great to have people around which are thinking the same.. :) I do not speak French yet..but I do speak English, German and Polish.

Hope to hear you soon


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Posted by unicornio - 11 years ago

Hello JenIf you are interested in coming to a meeting at my apartment first please respond to my email and I give you the time and date as well as directions Regards

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Posted by jennyfaire - 11 years ago

Bonjour a tous,I'm a longtime vegetarian, and would love to join a group where we organize soirees at different restaurants. Doesn't even have to be a veggie restaurant, just one that caters to is nice. I think it's a great idea just to get together and have evenings out with new like minded people!jen (antibes)

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Posted by unicornio - 11 years ago

I am not able to tolerate much. But I also know Indian cuisine can be made with small amounts. Right?Tati

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Posted by ticktack80 - 11 years ago

I am not sure how much you guys can tolerate spices, but Indian cuisine has zillion of vegetarian recipes...

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Posted by unicornio - 11 years ago

Hello ShankariI only know of a good vegetarian source of foods in Juan Les Pins. However if you are interested we can get together and we can cook one day together or I can invite you over and cook for you one day a very good vegetarian meal. Invitation open to any one interested in forming a vegetarian group.Tati