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A tenants right to privacy - Advice Please!!

Posted by SkyHigh73 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by SkyHigh73 - 5 years ago

Thanks for all your help/advice, everyone! Very much appreciated!!!

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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

Read somewhere that one can change the baril of the lock and when you finally leave, replace it with the original. Ni vue ni connue!!!

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Posted by fiona06 - 5 years ago

I would change the locks, add a new smaller lock or use an additional chain and padlock  (less expensive) to close the gate when you leave the house. Have changed the locks systematically each time I moved in a new apartment (whether my own or rented - heard horrible true stories about previous tenant/owner walking in) and never got a complaint.

I wouldn't tell anything to your landlords about them letting themselves in. The key broke in the keyhole and you had to change the it. No explanation, no hard-feeling. 

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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

As mentioned by Redbull, he is permitted to enter your home once a year but only when you are in agreement and present, unless it come under a change of bail and in order to permit new renters or owners to visit at certain given times of the day in your presence.

He appears to have had a key which he has the right to, I believe, but only if he informs you of this in writing.

Anyone with keys runs the risk of being suspect in case of entering without permission.

Ask him for a forwarding address for future mailing problems.  It is not your responsibility but in the worst of circumstances, if a huissier turns up on the doorstep, what then?.

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Posted by Redbull-305003 - 5 years ago

If you are renting with a french bail, there is absolutly no way a landlord can enter "your home" without you being present; unless by consent for maintenance etc, the only exception is if the landlord has been contacted by the emegency services to gain access to the property, however he probably thinks of the property as his and meant no harm, just need to give a gentle reminder by phone or email that you expect him to wait for you to be there, and remind him who pay's the tax d'habitation etc if necessary, good luck