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Advice on Tax in UK or France if self-employed?

Posted by pa-195934 - Created: 13 years ago
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Dear All,

I am going to be self employed/free-lance and work in the South of France for a UK company.  Please can anyone tell me in laymans terms where is best to pay tax if self employed?  I will be paid into my UK bank account.  The main areas I need to know are:

 1) I have a national insurance number in the UK, is it less bureaucracy if I just pay tax there? As I am not 'in the system' here in France, would it be a lot of paperwork?

2) I have been told that tax and national insurance will be covered in the UK if I put away 20% of my salary each month?  What would I have to pay in France?

Basically what is cheaper and easier?

If you know lots about this, please let me know and perhaps we can have a chat?

Many thanks for your help in advance as I see this as a total minefield!


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Posted by mike-179830 - 13 years ago

The simple answer is that if you are living in France you won't really have a choice: you must register as a self-employed person in France and declare all your income to the French authorities. There are loopholes that some people manage to exploit, but if the French tax people think you're trying one on then they get very peeved.

Remember that if you are self-employed/freelance you are not "working for" an other company; you are working for yourself and you are contracted to it. If the work is being done here than that is where it is taxable in 99.9% of cases.

As circumstances vary so much for individual to individual you need to seek professional advice in France before going any further.


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Posted by Remi-193758 - 13 years ago