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advice pls, issue wtih realestate agent

Posted by SmS77-225514 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

I'm so sorry to hear this.  I hear so many stories like this it makes my blood boil.  I've been victim of this type of thing myself...a number of years ago when I was naive and trusting.  I've since learnt about life and how...!

I'm not a lawyer or anything but perhaps take a look at any contract you have with them and try to just "sack" them.  If there's nothing legally binding then just march into their office unexpectedly (very important - you must take them by surprise!) and demand VERY ASSERTIVELY that they return you any keys that they hold and that they provide you immediately with the details of your tenants (unless you already have them which I presume you must do?).  Tell them that your father/brother/sister/mother is a lawyer, familiar with French law and that if they do not stop going against your express wishes then you will take them to Court.

Be very assertive and confident.  With luck they will just give you what you want.  DON'T TRY AND REASON WITH THEM, it won't work.  Just demand that they return your keys and communicate directly with the tenants yourself.

I hope this helps.  Obviously I don't know the details of any contracts etc... but they are clearly not being honest so threaten to take them to court with your "lawyer" and I reckon they'll stop there.

Good luck!