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Any suggestions?

Posted by Lissu - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Lissu - 17 years ago

thanks for all the feedback guys!Lissu

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

quote:No doubt it will get here soon enough!

Unlikely - the whole legal system is so very different - the Anglo-American (especially -American) view of tort is about as far removed from the heavily codified French legal system as you can get.

That's why yjme's advice is bang on the nose: inform the appropriate authorities (prefereably via a lawyer, following that lawyer's advice) and, if a code has been broken, the system will grind into action.


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 17 years ago

Sorry about your fall. Were you hurt badly, did you go to hospital, did you have a certificate d'arrêt maladie from your doctor? Did you have any costs to cover medical care? Were you with someone that could testify as to what happened?

In the first instance in cases like these, you go to the police to make a statement and if you wish to 'poser plainte' (they write out the facts and it is then an official complaint)you may do so and then you'll need a lawyer to deal with your claim, at your own costs, but it is a lengthy and long drawn out affair and obviously if the restaurant is not held responsible,(can you prove that you were not worse the wear for drink for example) you are not reimbursed.

You could, for your own peace of mind, make a complaint to the health and hygiene people, they make take action to prevent something like that happening again.

I feel sure that someone else might have something to say on this subject. I'm absolutely not an expert. And no, France hasn't quite become as obsessed with chasing compensation as England and America appear to be. No doubt it will get here soon enough!