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Assistance in France

Posted by Sassy42-872823 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

You poor darling.  I feel so bad for you reading this.  If you need somebody to come with you to the CAF or Assistante Sociale then I will.  Contact me by my e-mail address here.  You cannot be expected to deal with this on your own.  Here, I'm afraid, you have to shout more often than not, to be heard. You need to be tough and be able to defend yourself and I very much doubt whether you feel very tough right now.  Probably vulnerable and lost.  The Cote d'Azur is a hard and stony place in many ways, especially if you are vulnerable.  However, there are good, professional people who can and must help you.  Tell me who your local mairie is and I will call them for you.  I helped a friend once who experienced much the same thing you are experiencing, and she was put to the top of an emergency housing list.  At least if that happens you wil have time to breathe.  You have a very small child and the law means that your child must be protected and housed.  No question.  Contact me.

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Posted by Sassy42-872823 - 5 years ago

hi, thanks for all the info, it is of a great help, to clarify we went to the RSA who are aware of how urgent our situation is but she to,d us we has to see the SA in Roquefort, the problem is, the SA in Roquefort tells us we should see the one in Antibes, we gloved previously 7 years in Antibes and are between Roquefort, Vallauris and Antibes with various friends, we needed to give an address to the CAF for correspondence as Roquefort was the only one we could give !!! It's very complicated and I am amazed that they are willing for us to be like this 6 months later!!!! I have someone helping me but even she seems baffled at the brick walls we keep bouncing off and she is French and knows the system. So at this stage no SA has agreed to see us :-(

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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

So have you applied for RSA or not and have you been to see a social worker to get you an HLM apartment? They can pull strings in cases like yours to 'jump the queue'.

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Posted by Polly Flinders - 5 years ago

I'm really sorry for your dreadful situation. Not knowing the exact facts but having been through a very similar experience, albeit many years ago, I would just like to suggest a couple of points:

You need to make an official complaint against your husband for his abandoning of his family. This you should do at the gendarmerie in Antibes where you need to "porter plainte" against him.You will get receipt from them. The complaint will be duly heard in court but could take up to a couple of years.

Next you need a lawyer and as you hav no financial ressources you should be entitled to "l'Aide Judiciaire". In order to fnd a lawyer who will take your case, you need to request the name of one, preferably in or near to Antibes, through the Batonnier (President of the bar) at the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Grasse.

Whatever docuements and papers you collect through the process, never give up the originals withouth having made photocopies.

Unfortunateley, it has been proved to me time and time again, through helping out ladies in distress  like yourself , that we still live in a man's world here, however badly they have behaved.

You need to be very strong, fight for your rights and hopefully you will be pick uyp the pieces of your life. Meanwhile, bon courage! 


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Posted by Sassy42-872823 - 5 years ago

Hello again, thank you for the repliehoo I should have been more specific, we lived in Antibes but my husbands made us homeless when we went away this winter, she changed the locks a nd the apartment is now sold, with most of our furnishings and my personal items, we arrived back homeless and having also discovered my husbands infidelities,  had to stay with friends with just 2 suitcases, everything had gone!!  I out my paper work into the CAF in January where it was entered in the system 2 months later, also discovered that money was being paid for my son but to my husbands account, which I can not get back but has been stopped.  I was very sick for 2 months and only in the last nearly 2 months have started to feel more confident again to approach the relevant people, we have been to a social assistant in Roquefort Les Pins who decided just NOT to be their when we arrived, have also been to Antibes who tell us to go back to the RLP, having still no RDV with the woman in Roquefort who appears not to want to help we are no further forward.  We do not have money for an apartment and the season has kicked in and there is very little available, we have no help from the CAF as yet, the RSA who told me to go to RLP and also the AS, it's all pretty complicated and very tiring to say the least !!!

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

You say 'pushed and pulled around the system', sorry but perhaps if you tell us exactly where you have got to with seeking help through the normal channels - who you have approached already (CAF, Assistante Sociale etc) and what the have said and how come nothing has been done yet - then perhaps someone will be able to suggest where to go/what to do next. You should be getting maintenance from your ex and help with housing etc but without knowing what specific difficulties you have hit, it is hard to advise on how to overcome them, we'd likely be suggesting things that you have tried already.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

Ask to see the assistant sociale at the mairie where you are being lodged by your friends. Take an "attestation d herbergement à titre gratuit" signed by your friends with you (check it out on google) to prove your address and any other justificatives you may have. The assistante sociale should be able to put you in touch with the relevant aid  organisations. 

If you are in antibes go to the secour catholique on rue lemeray, they are generally very helpful ( and church attendance is not obligatory)

good luck

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

The first thing to do is to contact a social worker (assistante sociale) probably in the mairie belonging to the house you lived in when you were working.  Insist that your case is urgent, and, if you have no means to look after yourself and your little child, then you are entitled to be assisted free of charge by a lawyer who can get, at one point, to have your ex-husband to pay money to you and his child.  This is a process which could take a bit of time but, in the meantime, this assistance sociale should deal with all official papers to allow you to have help - money - to pay for a rent (APL - Aide pour le logement -, RSA - etc, see with her). 

Don't hesitate to contact me if you go nowhere cause language problem or whatever, I'll be very willing to give you a hand!

Take care,