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Auto-entrepreneur Health Care rembursement?

Posted by tatties - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 8 years ago

if the RAM deny all knowledge of you, try contacting the Mutalpes which are the other organism which deals with the RSI
I'm not sure if their local office (36 ave marechal foch 06005 nice) can help or if you need to contact their main office in marseilles (33 chemin d argile bp 8003, 13361 marseille cedex 10)
I have a number for the marseille office but dont know if it's just for professionelles de sante, its 0969320322. I have always found them helpful.
best of luck

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Posted by tatties - 8 years ago

Thanks SO much - I forgot that RAM was same thing, & didn't see anything for RSi locally. I'll go there with my file of 'no replies' - thanks again to you & xkiwi for taking time to post info.

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Posted by Daisydoll-202178 - 8 years ago

This is the office in Nice - eventually I just took all my info there and it did get sorted in the end. It does take a REALLY long time!! Also be aware that they will only reimburse the "feuilles" of the last two years, even if you have been waiting longer for everything to be processed.
Hope this helps!!

33, avenue Notre Dame
06013 NICE CEDEX 1
Tél 04 92 00 21 70
Fax: 04 92 00 21 71

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Posted by tatties - 8 years ago

Thanks so much for your reply. I have the attestation (which I only was sent when I wrote to them to say my daughter was refused addmission to college without it). I sent a batch of 'feuille de soin' into the RSi address after that, but they never acknowledged it - and never sent them back. Do you know where I should be sending these? Or where is the local RSi office? I live near Valbonne area.

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Posted by xkiwi - 8 years ago

It sounds like you have had a frustrating time. The process to become registered in the health care system does take some time and some paperwork but with patience and a lot of phone calls it is manageable. If you are are a small business owner registered as an auto-entrepreneur, your health care is administered by RSI. Depending on your business type, this is either a local RSI office (for commercial businesses) or RSI in Paris (for profession liberales). When you register your business as an autoentrepreneur, your paperwork is automatically sent to RSI, who will then ask you for further information (birth certificates etc) before writing to you with your paper 'attestation' that you are enrolled in the health care system. With the paper attestation, you can reclaim your health care costs and enroll in a mutuelle for top-up insurance etc. It can take a further 6-12 months to receive the plastic carte vitale. If you have not received your paper attestation, then phone RSI and ask for this document.