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Auto-entrepreneur problem

Posted by rich-182445 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by rich-182445 - 6 years ago

I just got back from the URSSAF office in Nice - they exaplained that they do indeed pro-rata the receipts and as you say Fiona this is not apparent when I was accepted in the regime... however it did not stop them from a) accepting my payment on the 12000 b) giving me an attestation fiscale and an attestation d'immatriculation in March c) issuing me with the trimestrial declaration form for the first quarter of 2012...

They've told me that my only chance is to write a letter of appeal against their decision within 2 months of their decision and hope they overturn it and re-instate me...... question is do I return the trimestrial for the 1st quarter of 2012 or not? If I do I may be paying them for something I am not entitled to if my letter of appeal fails and if I don't I may get penalties applied for late payment if my letter of appeal is accepted!

I hope this can be a warning for anyone else who becomes an AE mid-term or like me has income that comes in bursts!


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Posted by fiona06 - 6 years ago

Unfortunately the URSSAF is not mistaken. The 32 K€ limit applies only if the company operated for 12 months. If you opened shop in September, then the income limit is prorated accordingly. This is something they forget to tell you when you register your company.

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Posted by bsas-314884 - 6 years ago

Recommend you actually go see the URSAFF, you may have to wait but when you see a person they are (in my experience) helpful whereas by phone, after you've waited, pressed 1 or 2 or what, you get nulpart .... again, in my experience !

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Posted by suzijameson - 6 years ago

Contact the URSAFF directly and explain your situation - this is probably an administrative error and can be corrected easily. Good luck!

S Jameson