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Auto Entrepreneur Question (yes another!!!)

Posted by RivieraCouple - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by RivieraCouple - 4 years ago

Thanks for the responses everyone, i wasn't sure but i thought i had read it somewhere but then couldn't find it in any french texts.



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Posted by LovedaCote - 4 years ago

Yes, L-boy is correct. This scheme should be and will be either "not an option" anymore or at the very least, a drastically reduced earning ceiling.

AE was created for people with full-time employment to do a part-time job (earn a little more cash), not as full-time employment.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

It is an annual limit between 1 Jan and 31 Dec. You can earn it all in one quarter and zero in the other 3 if that is how your business goes, it would not be a problem. In Spring you get a form that tells you what your annual turnover was for the previous calendar year, this is the figure you declare on your tax return, and as long as it is below the ceiling you can stay on AE.

Be aware though that the govt is considering reducing the limit, maybe for everyone or maybe just for artisans or maybe not at all, the decision will probably be announced in September.