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auto entrepreneur scam?

Posted by michreb - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Neil85 - 6 years ago


It's a legal scam. Every man and his dog has access to your details on the Siret register and they prey on the newly registered autoentrepreneurs as they have tried to do with me over the last 3 years.

You could get bombarded with invoices or invoice look-alikes from all sorts of registers, directories, etc, but just ignore them and file them in the bottom drawer.

You can google the names of these tricksters and usually find discussions from people who have been duped, or hopefully sussed them out first.

Also beware of e-mail scams. Don't click on any links in the e-mail but try to access their web site via google to see if they are genuine.

If you are unsure about anything, just ask again on AngloInfo, because there's nearly always someone there with the right knowledge willing to help. I think there is now an autoentrepreneur "union" with forums for discussing problems etc.

Good luck in your business.

Regards, Neil

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Posted by Olivier06480 - 6 years ago

Methuselah, although you are right "in essence", what (I think) Greenleaf means is that these companies are providing a "service", therefore legally it is not a scam and you would not be in a position to cancel a cheque you would have sent. (There was a previous posting on this)Seen from our side: They are a scamSeen from legal side: They are offering a service (advertising in an "annuaire" or internet site, which for us, is totally useless), so as long as they do what they say (publishing an annuaire or putting you on a useless website) they are not a scam. So if you were to sue them, you will not win...

So, do keep your eyes open, read the small print. (the one in very very small, clear grey, at the back of the page, in a corner...)

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

It is a scam when it purports, even superficially, to be something which it is not, i.e an official body, or when it attempts to pass itself off as such. Even if it hides the fact that it is is 'voluntary' in the small print, it is devious.

There are many such things around using initials the same as, or similar to, official organisms such as the RSI, and whether or not you want to call them scams is splitting hairs, they are operating dishonestly and that in my view makes them scams.

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 6 years ago

This is not a scam. This company has a Siret number in France, pays taxes(do not quote me on this) and provides a service. They may charge double, triple or more for the service, but that is up to you to investigate and see if this opportunity is right for your new business. I am not supporting them, but I do not think you can call it a "scam" as you do receive something for your investment.and as a few previous posters have mentioned that there is written in clear French as part of the document stating that you do not need to pay or it is optional. Now if there is no clause, you might have a case for legal action in the future if you have paid € and not receive anything for that payment.

A responsible business owner and/or their accountant will know the expenses in opening a business here in France, it will be part of their 3 year business plan, so any unexpected expense that arrives would be thoroughly gone over and dismissed as "not required".

Anyway, expect many more + alot of advertisments as all your details are now in the public domain.

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Posted by moonbeams-251243 - 6 years ago

Thank you for posting this.... I am also about to register myself and my new business. I am a bit confused with it all and I now will certainly keep an eye out for scams etc..
Thanks for the advice guys.

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Posted by michreb - 6 years ago

Thanks to all for the advice...I'm a bit nervous as a first-timer in the system, but keeping my eyes open! Thanks, again-

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Posted by hermosabeach - 6 years ago

Yes, it is a scam. Usually written on the back is something along the lines of "I am aware that participating in this publication is optional". They are very good at making it look official.

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Posted by 52xmax - 6 years ago

It's a scam, most usually sent by some business directory to sell you an advert in their 'publication' ...

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

SCAM. There are many similar ones around.

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Posted by sctsl06 - 6 years ago

I seem to remember being asked to pay for something which I didn't want - read the smallprint, I think it says you don't have to do it. I have the same sort of small business and didn't pay for anything.