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Auto Entrepreneur who wont pay up!

Posted by Samsong - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

I have been working for an auto entrepreneur who owes me money and will not pay upOn what basis have you been working? What is your own fiscal status? Do you have outstanding invoices or are you an individual who was expecting to be paid in some other way like cheque emploi for example? What sort of contract or paperwork do you have in support of this arrangement?
It's important to know the exact status and answer to above questions because normally an autoentrepreneur has no right to "employ" another person directly.
By the way, if your situation happens to concern a non-French middle-aged gentleman in Nice operating under this scheme, please let me know by e-mail because I am in correspondence with another person similarly afflicted and should it turn out to be one and the same, then we could perhaps club together to eradicate this sort of abuse in our community.