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Avocat/solicitor required

Posted by job-212223 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by job-212223 - 5 years ago

Thanks Squeaky for your posting.

I think the only way to put pressure on this particular insurance company is with the intervention of an avocat. Off course we don't want to give a solicitor lots of money to sort this out but we have had a reply from the complaints dept who have said as far as this matter goes they are not prepared to do anymore, so case closed. Yes, they have supplied us with the mediators address but are they on the same side as thinsurance company? If so, then it's a waste of more time.

Basically we had a fire in our house which started in the fusebox which  destroyed all our electrics and now they have set up a temporary fusebox with three plugs that supplies the entire house, we have no lights etc and we have been like this since the event which occurred April 16 th. Long story but to cut it short we set up our insurance with the bank at the same time we took out their mortgage. We supplied the bank with our notaires buying details of the property, this stated it was a six piece house with a swimming pool. However after the Experts arrival at the house to view damages he measures it up as a nine piece. The insurance company are saying we were underinsured and are only willing to pay out 60 percent of the repair costs. It clearly states we have a pool also but they are saying that the pool is also not insured and they are not willing to pay for the costs to repair the electric supply to the pool, which now has pond life in residence. (Their excuse for not insuring the pool was that when we took out the insurance around five yrs ago there wasn't a tick box space pool say we had one, not our fault by any means!!!!!)

we live by torch light at night and this is unacceptable, they just want us to pay up and accept which we are not prepared to do. They only sent round one electrician to prepare a devis, a company that they use all the time. They say it needs a complete re wire. I have since had round a fully certified electrician for another devis and he says it doesn't need a 100 percent rewire. How many devis can we get and do they have to use only their electricians or can we choose??

Its complicated but our notaire recently confirmed by email that in his opinion it's only a six piece house. This is why we believe the intervention of a solicitor might be necessary.

Any advice gladly appreciated. (Also if your lounge is over 40 sqm it's counted as two pieces) have never seen it in the small print!!!!!)

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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

Have you already tried the insurance company's ombudsman (médiateur)? Their contact details will be in your policy.

Before chucking shedloads of dosh at an avocat(e) if you post the problem here some of us may be able to advise based on personal or professional experience.