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B1B2 visa help

Posted by irel-184031 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by irel-184031 - 13 years ago

Thanks for all the advice, very much appreciated

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Posted by jrc71 - 13 years ago

Download the forms from the US embassy website you then need to phone to make an appointment this costs around 14 euros. The operator will arrange an appointment for you this will normally be in the morning. It is important you have all the application documents properly filled. You will also need to pay a fee to the US embassy a little over 100 euros best way to pay is through a compte mandat, arrange this through a post office. The operator will give you the relevant account number.

Once you have all your forms filled, note also there is a supplimentary forms for adult males, and you have an appointment scheduled you are ready to attend the interview. On the morning of your appointment make sure you have all documents and an appropriate sized head and shoulders photo. This is not a regular sized passport photo so you will have to have this done at a photographer's.


 Assuming you have everything in order you need to submit your documents together with your passport at the booth at the rear of the embassy. There will definately be a queue so be prepared to wait a while. Once you've submitted your forms you will be given a ticket with a number and asked to enter the embassy. You will be searched on entry and  be asked to surrender certain items such as mobile phones etc... You will be able to get these back when you leave. You will be directed to a waiting room, when your number is called you will have an interview with the visa issuing officer. The interview itself should be fairly short and you will be asked to retrieve your passport in the afternoon from the booth where you submitted your docs and passport. Assuming all your documents are correctly filled and nothing is wrong with your paperwork the visa issuing officer will probably tell you there and then if your application was successful.

When I applied for my B1/B2 Visa last year apart from the initial frustration with the automated telephone system everything was pretty painless.

The bottom line is make sure that all your documents are properly filled. Don't lie about anything as this will probably come back to haunt you later, as an old work colleague will testify. If you are working on a boat ask for a letter from the captain stipulating you need a B1/B2 visa.

 I have heard that it is easier to apply for you visa from your country of origin but as I mentioned previously I had no problems in Paris and when I retrieved my passport the afternoon of my application I noticed I had been issued with a ten year B1/B2.

Another point is make sure you apply well in advance as depending on several factors there will most likely be a waiting time, this could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months. If this proves a problem you may find shorter waiting times in London, Madrid or Rome.

The embassy website will provide you with anyother information you may need.

I have heard several horror stories concerning applications for B1/B2 or american visas in general and I may have had a lucky break when I got mine. Anyway I hope this information is useful and good luck with your application.



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Posted by wthompson555 - 13 years ago
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Posted by wthompson555 - 13 years ago

contact the US embassy in Paris, they will help. You can download the application forms from the internet