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Becoming a Resident. Medical.

Posted by shaunjarvis - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by sherpa-257019 - 9 years ago

Register the house in your lady friends name- France has the best health care in the world!sherpa

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Posted by LondonSquirrel - 13 years ago

Well, in America a scan would probably cost 5 x what it does in the UK! I hear South Africa is cheap for private medical treatment.I love Nice!

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Posted by HAMISH-196288 - 13 years ago

Any of you kind contributors out there, what percentage of an income of, say, 13,000 pounds per year for a married couple - the male (it could be the female party of course) self employed - would go in State deductions if one in that sitaution became a resident here?

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Posted by shaunjarvis - 13 years ago

I'll keep you posted when we get around to doing it. Last time we needed help it was cheaper to buy a round trip ticket to China and to pay for the scan and surgery. The scan was done the day after arriving in China (England we were told 3 months) and the results were through the following day (Fri.) so the operation was done on the Monday (couldn't give a time in England. We were told that the scan, alone, would be 300 pounds in England if done privately and out total cost was 1200 pounds incl. the tickets. Did you hear yeaterday that the UN 'Best Place to Live' survey put Britain 12th? Bet the BBC didn't announce it.

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Posted by shaunjarvis - 13 years ago

Firtsly, Thank you all who have responded. The scanning info is most useful and so the next stage is, of course, to find out how much it costs as we are yet to become residents with the assoc. benefits, and hence the question as to how to go about it. As for whether I am an EU citizen, yes I am while my wife is not. In terms of making the house my home I am assuming that that is what I will have to do but how to go about it? Thanks again to you all.shaunjarvis

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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

I've had a couple of scans at Cannes Hospital and never had to wait more than a week or two to have them done. No doctor had to phone to facilitate this. The scanning facility is at the hospital but is run by a private company.



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Posted by Rachael-180533 - 13 years ago

There are 4 IRM scanners down (06) here that I know of  plus 2 in monaco that can be used for French residents or Carte Vitale holders, or for private patients.

The wait is usually about 2 weeks to a month but you can get this done quicker if you are lucky and your doc makes the right phone calls. If you need regular scans then I believe it is poss to book them in in advance so you would, in theory, only wait for the first one.

If you need further advice or would like the phone numbers of the scanners, then email me, info@englishosteopath.com

Rachael Dickens DO MROF

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Posted by Myop - 13 years ago

I have a lady friend in the UK who needs regular MRI (IRM) scans and comes to France to have them done. Her private medical insurance is delighted because the scans are five times cheaper in France than in the UK. She also is delighted because she can get an appointment within a week whereas in the UK she has to book the scan at least 3 months in advance and sometimes travel to a faraway hospital as well. Esayjet is just as quick as the M4 and the IRM scanner in Grasse functions almost 24/7.Vivre la France!

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

Are you an EU citizen? 

If you own the houseup there but dont own down here, it may be worth establishing the house as your primary residence to avoid capital gains tax in the future.

You dont say what sort of scan your lady needs, but the best way to arrange it is to see a local doctor