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Building without planning & nasty neighbour

Posted by CEH - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by CEH - 5 years ago

To be honest if he doesnt cause us any further problems I really couldnt care less about his property and the additional build unless he continues to be a pain. I am hoping that the fact all this was mentioned in the letter to the arbitraitor at the ministry of justice that he will have decided to lie low and not keep harrassing us. If hes going to be nasty - I will take action, if he does no more I will just leave things be.

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Posted by jduncan - 5 years ago

What a stressful situation.  I would suggest that as a first step you make an appointment to see the notaire who dealt with your original purchase, and bring with you all the paperwork relating to the co-proprietorship.  They would certainly be able to advise you on what options are available to you in terms of the legal system and what your next step should be.  Several months after the purchase of my flat, I visited my notaire concerning an issue with the syndic and found him to be extremely helpful (and refused to charge me for his intervention).  Albeit the gap was not 12 years, but it might be worth a try.  Good luck!

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Posted by CEH - 5 years ago

Anyway took Aries pictures all sorts ... Mentioned about how we never complained about all the illegal building etc. never heard another word from the authorities except from the woman at the ministry of justice who had originally emailed the complaint, to say she had left the department but had shown our letter to this neighbour.

He also discovered that the wall is not our responsibility but that of all the co-propriety - and at a cost of over 18000 euro to be split between us! 

My question is about my neighbouadd extensions built without the permission of the co-propriety or the local planning authorities. I think after the recent exchange with the local ministry of justice arbitration people he has decided to leave us alone but if he should continue being nasty I want to know if I can go after him re these illegal extensions.

The previous owner seemed to think that enough time had passed.....as I had a friend that was interested in his property at that time but warned them aboutthese extensions.

Does anyone know what the rules are?