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Business based in UK but living in France

Posted by Mark Tasker - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Admin-179828 - 17 years ago

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Posted by Val Brooks - 17 years ago

Hi Mark


Just read your message this morning and although my reply has nothing to do with the specific questions you asked, I thought I would introduce myself anyway..


I am also in the events business - I ran an event management company in London for 16 years specialising in corporate events, charity events, balls, receptions, themed parties etc.  I moved here with no specific purpose of continuing but would like to consider options to work on an occasional basis - ie pick and choose some interesting projects.  Local event management companies are not too keen to share their slice of the cake so far!


Dont know if you have any plans to run any of your business from here and might need an experienced pair of hands but should that need arise then do keep my email address.  I have learnt a lot about this system since arriving and there are many pitfalls if you dont do your homework - you seem to be starting early so perhaps you will get through the minefield without too many hiccups!  My children go to the Nice school but I have looked at Mougins too as I live there.


If you want any help or just some local info then keepo in touch.

Good luck!





Val Brooks

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Posted by pub.valbonne - 17 years ago

Hi Mark

Beware that running your business in France will cost you a lot more than in the UK if you decide to set up a company, if you remain self employed then it might be different also the social charges, pension and health which all 3 are mendatory, are expensive - my advise to you would be to make an appointment with an accountant here and discuss your business and a financial projection based on the French system to help you compare - where it becomes really costly is when you start employing staff in France -if all your staff are UK based and if you continue to invoice from the UK than it is not that bad !  you also have the possibility to continue to run the business as a UK business for a little while once you have moved and until you have all the information to decide what to do-  just don't change your country of residence too quickly !!!! if you buy, it might be a good idea to declare to the french that it is your holiday home and not your main residence, at least until you get things sorted out - you may have to contract an international medical cover for a while with the UK (eg BUPA international) as you won't be covered fully by the french system.

Good luck


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Posted by Mark Tasker - 17 years ago

I know from looking through numerous forum discussions that there is no hard and fast rule but.....

Can anyone give me a ballpark idea of the pecentage tax I should budget for - local and national income taxes (not property related). I am a high rate tax payer in the UK with a wife and 2 children. I have heard 50% and 40% mentioned and also much lower but those figures were from people in the UK so I would rather hear from the forum if possible.

Also, in my budgeting, what should I budget for property taxes - are they set in each district or is it a percentage of property value??

Thanks again for any help


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Posted by Mark Tasker - 17 years ago

Thanks for all of your help and advice. Thanks also to anyone who got incontact about event work - yes we would be interested in working with suppliers down there so any PA, lighting, staging, marquee, promotions, lasers, security, entertainers, set designers and builders, autocue, a/v people or companies drop me an email or send me some information.

Mark Tasker
Fruition International Limited
5300 Lakeside
Cheadle Royal Business Park
United Kingdom

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Posted by Mark Tasker - 17 years ago

Hi Angela

Its really interesting thanks - the website is www.fruition.co.uk but we haven't had a chance to update it for a while - too busy!!! Yes we have worked down in France with clients such as MTV at Midem. We now also have a team of freelancers based down there who can handle pretty much anything. We organise concerts, balls, conferences, PR stunts as well as arranging multimedia, celebrities and all of the staff and equipment needed for an event.

What did you have in mind?


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Posted by Angela-181053 - 17 years ago

Whats the event maangement business like ?

Web site ?

Have you done any work here in France ?



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Posted by Mark Tasker - 17 years ago

Thanks for you help and advice - its nice to know that there is a good 'community support network' out there - they used to have things like that in the UK many years ago I believe - oh yes tat's why we're moving!!

Thanks again


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Posted by janus-184708 - 17 years ago

Mark: Adapt in France - www.adaptinfrance.org - is a great organization for newcomers. They had a workshop Monday about ramifications of operating your business in France, including situations such as yours, and may be able to put you in touch with the speaker. Phone is 0493-65 33 79. 

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Posted by insomniac - 17 years ago

The misunderstandings of the French system are common, as many understand the French rules and many the UK rules. The difference is knowing how the double tax treaties operate that make the final decision. This is the single biggest cause for confusion as there is instantly scope for three different answers, and that’s the ones who actually know what they are talking about, so this excludes those who make it up as they go along. To find someone who actually knows both systems well and the all the treaties and how they operate is the tricky bit. I have a UK accountant and a French accountant and try my best at this precarious balancing act between the two, which gets frustrating and expensive at times. I am getting to the point where I think I know what’s going on but it takes time. If anyone knows of someone who knows both I will be very happy to have an intro.postamble();