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Business Plan

Posted by Cat66 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Cat66 - 5 years ago

Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it :)

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Posted by ukinfrance - 5 years ago

there is no need to pay for a business plan template. Most of the banks who have investment departments provide them free of charge - it's in their interest to generate their own business.
Irrespective of which BP format you adopt (and frankly they're all pretty similar as the basic requirements are the same) the important thing is the quality of the information input. The BP will prompt you to think about the right things, but it cannot do the "difficult" aspect of identifying and quantifying markets, production costs, marketing and setup costs....... Some of this is relatively straightforward, but some is strictly dependent upon the strength of your business idea and model. That is something which a BP cannot do for you. If you want some help in testing and validating your proposition, let me know.
And good luck.

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Posted by bossagypsy - 5 years ago

I have one called Business Plan Pro which I sometimes use in my consultancy business. It can be tailored to any business, and starts out in the form of a set of questions. With the financials, I would suggest that you also use a basic spreadsheet (Excel) in the first instance - even if you use it only to get a grip on the headline figures.

Let me know if you have any questions

Regards BG

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Posted by ketv2009 - 5 years ago

There is an inexpensive one worth buying... I am just trying to dig up the information for you. Was fabulously easy. Too bad the friend I helped out with it didn't do anything with the business!

At any rate, here is a free one you can use to get started. It's really good because it has financials, which are extremely important. http://www.planware.org/

I'll keep looking for the inexpensive one for you.