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Can we still get a 10-year Carte de Sejour?

Posted by Sailor 2-192599 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by littlemonkey-193381 - 15 years ago

Hi.My boyfriend was issued with a 10 year CdS in October.I have just (last Tuesday) been to the Prefecture in Nice to get one as I have just signed a CDI, to be told that EU citizens no longer need them. That section of the prefecture has been closed off, so my understanding is that we are all free and clear!!

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Posted by Sweet thing - 15 years ago

Just to let you know.

My carte de séjour has run out and a call to the Prefecture in Nice to find out what papers I would need to renew it ended up with the lady telling me they are actively discouraging people to renew them.

They are still available apparently - and a good idea if you want to set up a buisness etc.

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

I've read this thread with great interest. How would you rate my case?

I'm a German citizen, married to a German who is working, living and paying tax here and he has a 10yrs CDS. I moved here in Oct 2003. Do I need top apply for a CDS or can I choose to apply for one?

Thanks for your input!



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Posted by Sophie-182589 - 15 years ago

This is for the sailors. I have lived and worked here for 5 years and my CDS ran out mid-January. Like you I didn't fancy having to lug my passport everywhere so decided to try and get the CDS renewed. I went to the Nice préfecture on new year's eve - the best time to go, I was in and out in less than 45 minutes! They told me the CDS was now optional and not obligatory, but that it was up to me to decide if I wanted to renew it. At no time did anybody tell me I couldn't renew it.

After hardly any wait (end of January) I received a 10 year Titre de Séjour.

Maybe I was lucky, but I'd say it's worth a try, the CDS is far more practical than a passport especially for those aiming to stick around long term.

Good Luck!

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

Sorry I meant Nish !

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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 15 years ago

Trish, prior to the end of November last year ANYONE AND EVERYONE from the EU countries who intended to LIVE in France for more than three months (UK or other EU tax payer) was required to apply for a Carte de Sejour (later known as a Titre de Sejour).  However in November 2003 the abolition of this requirement was agreed.

Therefore when you came here a year ago you needed one - now you don't. 

Who knows there may be another similar requirement announced in the future but for now sleep tight until this is announced (if ever).  Night Night

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Posted by Nish-184598 - 15 years ago

Thanks for your update - I have seeked Tax advise and I am definetly a UK tax payer so I am not sure why I would require one Thanks Nish

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Posted by carolie-182474 - 15 years ago

Hi All


I was in the prefecture yesterday as my CDS ran out yesterday. I'm looking for work in Monaco at the moment and was told I needed a new one, so off I went.

I actually got some good information from the Anne Robinson type behind the desk. If you live and work in France wheter self employed or not you no longer need a CDS your EU passport is all you need. If however you are looking for or working in Monaco you will need a CDS and if yours if running out they will issue you a new one but only for 5 years. Only for 5 years because as Monaco is the only place you now need one for they powers that be in France think Monaco will change their requirements in the next year or 2.

As I'm looking for work in Monaco they gave me a 3 month temporary one again, but here's the best bit from the time I waited for the info desk but going into the waiting room and been seen and having a new temp CDS was 15 minutes flat a record . Hope this is of some help, but I would say if your unsure go to your local prefecture and if they say you don't need you ask for a document saying so.



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Posted by Black Cat-192495 - 15 years ago

It pretty much depends on what you mean by "living in France". If you are an ipso-facto French resident (the conditions for this are detailed elsewhere on these forums, I believe) then it is in France, not in the UK, where you should normally be paying tax (at least income tax).

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Posted by Nish-184598 - 15 years ago

This is such a confusing topic to me. I wonder if anyone could help with my specific situation and the need/benefit of a carte sejour .

I am a UK taxed person living in France for just over a year now and understand from what I read that I require a carte sejour and should infact of applied for one within a month of being in France.

(I wonder what other unknowing errors I have made as I dont seem to have done anything more than setup a bank account !)

Thanks for any help on this




Thanks Nish