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Claiming back tax

Posted by THO79 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by THO79 - 7 years ago

Thanks very much to you both - was confused. 

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 7 years ago

No - AFAIK there is no PAYE system in France, or if there is, it is very uncommon for employees to pay tax this way. 

The reason is that French tax is levied on the household, rather than the individual. So in the case of a couple, they need to declare their joint earnings at the end of the year, from which their joint allowances are deducted, along with any credits d'impot, etc, etc. When the calculation has been done, the household ends up with a definitive figure, which is used to calculate their income tax liability, their taxe d'habitation, their entitlement to benefits, etc. In some ways it is a more complex system than the UK, but in other ways it's simpler.

You will have had social security cotisations deducted, but AFAIK these cannot be claimed back.

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Posted by THO79 - 7 years ago

Many thanks for your response! Much appreciated.

I'm just a little confused. If I was salarié - surely the tax has been taken out already? 

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 7 years ago

you will be sent a tax declaration form in the spring that you fill in for the previous year (ie spring 2013 for the year 2012)

You will not have already paid any tax on your 2012 revenue.

Depending on how much you have earned and what your family situation is you may not have any tax to pay , a bill which will fall in september 2013.

You can simulate your tax responsibilities on the impotsgouv.fr website if I remember rightly, which will give you an idea how much you should budget for.

Anything that you may have paid this year is in relation to your 2011 revenue and wouldnt therefore be reimbursable.

If you have been paying by monthly installements you may wish to unsubscribe on the website previously mentioned