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Consumer rights?

Posted by Cathouse-290059 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Cathouse-290059 - 4 years ago

Thank you for your speedy replies.  In the meantime we established the portable aircon we bought from, dare I say it, Darty, is 65 decibels while our old and rickety portable is 50-52 decibles, hence the noise difference.  

Please note, since I bought the machine online, Darty are happy to take it back as long as it is in original packing and all paperwork comes with it.  The implication is they'd be less happy to take it back if we'd bought it directly from one of their stores, not online in other words.

Problem here is Darty don't appear to provide a portable aircon with much less than 60-65 decibels so we can't exchange and upgrade but we'll do more research on this.  They will call us back on Monday to discuss this further and to arrange the return.  

Meanwhile I'm spitting blood at our local laundry.  The name C.S. VALENTINE, not our name, has been written in black letters along the edge of each sheet and pillowcase of 7 sets of high thread count, Italian cotton sheets that were sent to our local blanchisserie on the basis they were washed and ironed locally at a max. of 40 degs and never sent away. All agreed at the outset 2 years ago, at extra cost of course.  Mobility issues ensure I can't launder them myself.

Without a word to us, the irascible daughter of the blanchisserie then sent them all away to a central laundry at the start of this summer,  the sheets have shrunk notably, one is damaged beyond repair and they carry this unknown name in bold, black Permaink. Blatant defacement of my property. They offered one free wash as compensation!  In the UK I'd resolve this issue through Trading Standards  plus a legal letter, but here I can do nothing further, they are so rude.  There is an attitude problem here, the customer is never right. 

One can't fight them all, I'm just delighted that the noisy aircon is going back.  That's one victory. If anyone is buying an aircon, do check the decibels!

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Posted by Flatpicker - 4 years ago

Leigh's right, to the extent that it can indeed be a huge pain, and it's possible -- even likely -- that you could run into exactly the situation Leigh describes. However, you won't know until you've actually spoken with the dealer about the problem and requested a fix.

After that, if the dealer won't help, I guess it comes down to how demanding, aggressive and public you're prepared to be in order to get satisfaction. I've had dealings with a couple of outfits where support was shoddy, and I've managed to get satisfaction out of them. I didn't resort to Twitter, though that's a great idea -- I'm a retired lawyer, so I'm usually pretty sure I can be louder, more aggressive and just downright nastier (in a legally effective way) than a retailer can stomach face to face.

If the dealer won't make good on a new product, you DO have recourse -- you just have to go about getting it by alternate routes.

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Posted by LeighA - 4 years ago

We had a very similar situation with an AC unit that was too noisy from Ubaldi.  We brought it home, heard how noisy it was, tried to return it less than 24 hours later and heard the famous "c'est pas possible".  Since the box had been opened they simply could not take it back.  I took it to Twitter, tweeting that I would never shop there again (this happened right  after purchasing a new Liebherr fridge at the same store) and someone from their head office contacted me within minutes.  After two weeks, they finally took it back.  Huge pain!  Does not matter if you have a warranty or not!

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Posted by Flatpicker - 4 years ago

If your unit is new, you should have a warranty, even in France. You've nothing to lose by contacting the dealer and discussing the problem, though you'll need your original invoice and any documentation that came with the unit. If the dealer won't help for some reason, try contacting the manufacturer. As long as you have your paperwork and proof of purchase for the new unit, I can't imagine that they'll give you a hard time about repair or replacement with the warranty period. If they do, you can always get in touch with "Soixante Millions de Consommateurs" to see if they can help in some way.

Good luck.