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day tax

Posted by izzyamy - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 5 years ago

You need to keep a register of your guests, length of stay, etc and send/take this to your Mairie when you pay your Taxe de séjour.


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Posted by Neil Clarke - 5 years ago

Ask at your town's Mairie what the rate is for Taxe de Sejour.

Ours (in the Vendee) doesn't ask for TdS as this small town does not attract tourists; however, we are surrounded by tourist towns & attractions. I expect everywhere on the Med. does charge; we have to pay it for each adult per day staying in our mobile home there.

Cheers, Neil

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Day tax ( ou taxe de séjour)

Turistic places may want this day tax to be paid to help them to finance their spending to maintain their town attractive to visitors.

If this is the case, the day tax is due for each person who is more than 13yo, and, in certain cases, some other people may be exonereted - big size families, some handicapped people, elderly people etc. -

The amount varies from 0,20 euro to 1,50 euro per person per night, depending the type and the standing of the gite.  It is an obligation to post the amount of the day tax inside your gite. You collect the amount from the holiday maker and, towards the end of the year, you have to write a cheque of the total amount you had from you day tax and address it to your mairie (you'll need to find out what department to send it to!!!)   Hope this answers your question, Good luck, N.    

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

If you stay at a hotel in any city, they collect a daily tax on this and pay it to the city. It varies from city, village, town, etc.. but it is there, everywhere.