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Dodgy Sale of House?

Posted by Lulu-pud-211058 - Created: 12 years ago
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Posted by jackandjill-203710 - 12 years ago

Up to a certain limit they are allowed to take a personal cheque.

It used to be 300,000 French Francs. I don't know what it is now.

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Posted by Lulu-pud-211058 - 12 years ago

She (the notaire) was clear that she recieved a personal cheque, as they are waiting 1 week for it to clear before they transfer me the money. I will question her about it this week.

As well, she asked the current renters to pay HER the rent for July, instead of posting me the cheque! I know now that this was because it is for the new owners (as their deposit) who will return it to the renters when they leave in September.

I just can't get over her making these financial decisions without even consulting me!


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Posted by Tegan - 12 years ago

Usually it would be a cheque de banque (looks like a personal cheque)- are you definitely sure this wasn't the case and the notaire didn't just explain it to you incorrectly? They would bank this before they pay you the money anyway. If it was a personal cheque, as mentioned before, the notaire is liable. Did he give you an 'attestation' to show it has been sold?

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Posted by swordsman-226099 - 12 years ago

If the cheque did not clear the sale would be void as you would not have received what you have been promised.Remember also that in France it is a criminal offence to write a cheque if you know there are insufficient funds to cover the amount.

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Posted by jackandjill-203710 - 12 years ago

The Notaire has to guarantee funds with his insurance anyway. So you don't have to worry about it. It's normal in a way, though you don't have to accept it (bit late in this case). But it's not a major worry.

If for some bizarre reason the funds didn't clear these people would then be liable and you could put a charge on their property.

I doubt that is the case. I too have been amazed about how laid back people are here about collecting the proceeds of their real estate sales.