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EDF Scam and My Own Stupidity

Posted by engteach1 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Ras-214972 - 4 years ago

Switch off your electricity when you are not at home (bad idea to have fridge going if you are not there for long time anyway).

Record your meter readings every day at the same time when you are at home, calculate the difference per day, per week etc.

Definitely get your meter readings before your leave and when you return back, if you are going to be away.

I expect your daily use to be around 10 units or less for a small studio when you home. If it is much more (20) there is a serious issue. When you are not home, there should be nothing on - perhaps the fridge if you leave it on.

See if your meter is moving when you have all things switched off (incl fridge).

Get a watt meter (a plug in device) from Castorama etc , they are less than 10 euros. You plug into the wall and then plug applicance in to it. They have a LCD display which show how much power each device takes. The fridge is the most important to measure because it is switched on all the time - it could have a fault and be burning power.

If your fridge is using more than 3 or 4 units per day, get your fridge checked or else buy a new fridge.

EVERY time your EDF bill arrives, go check the meter yourself and write it on the bill. Compare with the EDF number (especially if it is estimated).

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Posted by engteach1 - 4 years ago

the more i speak to people about it when out and about, the more im hearing all sorts of horror stories, the main one being similar to your whre people are being charged for neighbours etc but surprisingly 5 people have said my story matches theirs that as soon as you are in touch with EDF etc or the emergency team, they then recieve a call from 'EDF' claiming that they are owing you the customer money. im sure its someone in the offfice!!!!


peace and love, nice to know im not alone 

PS does anyone want to buy a holiday to Maldives? ;-)

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Posted by calipage - 4 years ago

Hi - Interesting reading your story. I have been in a tangle with EDF myself. But I'm not alone. There are 3 of us in the building who are charged astronomical bills (avg. of 360euro to 507euro every two months) for our tiny studio flats (20M2, 14M2 and 34M2).

We think we are being charged for the pub/restaurants downstairs. But when we call EDF (one tenant has been complaining for 3 years!) they just brush us off and say that our meter is functioning correctly. I went ahead and paid for the technician to come out and check it. As I KNOW there is no way I consume 500euros worth of electricity in my tiny studio. I have NO air con and not even a television. And I'm hardly there!

So the technician came out and said, yep, your meter is working. That'll be 34euros please.


So I believe you are NOT alone in your aggravations/ pranks with EDF.  Over the past 10 months for a tiny studio 20M2 that has a refrigerator, a hot plate and a couple of lightbulbs, I have paid 1755 euros. And I'm never even there!

The other tenants and I went to see a lawyer about it. Their advice was to file a complaint with the police. Apparently the building owner really can't be bothered by this matter. And the owners of the pub don't want to show us their electricity bills. If theirs were as high as ours, I think we'd know about it! Oh and, p.s.,the owner of the building is part-owner of the pub. What a surprise! LOL

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Posted by engteach1 - 4 years ago

Thank you Neil for the kind comments.

Been on the phone this morning, they are investigating but I can tell by tone of voice that they are going to deny all knowledge and distance themselves from this

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Posted by Neil Clarke - 4 years ago

This may or not be relevant to this thread, but when our income fell to a low level back in 2010, we ended up owing 100s of euros in bank fees because the utility cos. were taking their money by DDs and then the bank took back the money & repaid it into our a/c due to insufficient funds (fees of 7 eur. + 13 eur.).  This action got repeated two weeks later & twice again the next month(s) until I managed to get the companies to cancel the DDs & agree to being paid by Mandat Cash at La Poste.

We eventually managed to get half the bank fees reimbursed on hardship grounds & pay off the rest so we could start using cheques & the debit card again, but we have avoided going back to DDs & always pay by TIP or cheque (only when there is enough money in the account).

We sometimes get threats of cut-offs from them all for not paying on time, & they keep banging on about how much better DDs are, but at least we are safe from the automatic uplifting of money when we haven't got it, (& the fees charged), & hopefully any possible bank fraud.

Sorry that engteach1 got fleeced & hope he gets back on his feet financially.  We know how it feels to be in debt.




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Posted by engteach1 - 4 years ago



Thank you for that reply, it makes me feel slighlty better and at least someone understands what im going through, Half my friends think I imagined it im sure!!!

I shall follow your advice, cheers again

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Posted by Redbull-305003 - 4 years ago

Over the past 5 years I have had many problems with EDF people coming to the house to cut us off when I had clearly paid bill by DD and so on and some very wierd conversations ie they would come around and rip out the whole installation it goes on and on like you at times I felt I was being "pranked" I finally wrote to the head office and have a secure acct ie different name, no transanctions by phone without me using a password and them also and informed my bank etc like you thought was alone but apparently not! Cost me a fortune and a lot of stress but there is no alternative as no other company will touch you if you are in "problems" with EDF protect your bank account and inform your landlord to do the same, it is actually possible to,overpay if you or your landlord pay by DD but they hold it in credit and do not reimburse, we all make mistakes and get taken in by people they are very clever at keeping one step ahead so don't blame yourself. ps the real EDF couldn't of been more helpful.

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Posted by engteach1 - 4 years ago

Unfortunately its absolutely for real. None of it makes sense - You are right - how did he have my last 4 digits?

Unless I gave them when I first opened the EDF account but always paid by cash instead of DD.

If thats the case then surely it could mean the guy who told me its rubbish and they dont have my details is the one who is wrong. either way I can get no sense from EDF, the police have no interest and I have never felt so alone.

Anyways, I guess I juts hoped this rang true with someone and they could explain what the hell is happening and or what is about to happen. 


Thank you for taking time to reply

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 4 years ago

What I don't understand how cud he check the last four digits of your bank account number if there was no account number held on file?

Somehow I doubt there is anything you can do as it really is only your word against theirs.

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Posted by KarenJ-232685 - 4 years ago

What a chain of events! Is it for real?