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English-speaking French accountant needed

Posted by Ian Tasker - Created: 15 years ago
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...or French-speaking English acountant.

We have just moved to a small house near Cahors in the Lot (OK, I know that is not on the Riveria but this is such a good site I couldn't resist!) and need somebody to help us through the minefield of relocating our tax affairs and filling in all the ight forms etc. Briefly we are a freelance journalist and a freelance TV script supervisor who only work occasionally (when the cash runs out) and when we do it is either by returning to the old country for a few weeks at a time or undertaking work via the internet at home. We are not making mega-bucks (far from it) but just want to make sure we are doing everything to the letter of the law and not leaving opening ourselves open to double taxation. Can anybody help??? Please !!!!

We have been quoted a ridiculous £1,200 plus VAT EACH from one UK-based company, which seems outrageous as we do not have complicated financial affairs - or indeed bucketloads of cash stashed away in Swiss bank accounts or indeed, anywhere.

Is there anybody out there who can offer any words of advice or help???

Ian and Jenny Tasker



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 15 years ago

You need an English speaking Financial Advisor versed in Anglo Saxon affairs (on moving to France ) . The Accountant comes later if you feel your business warrants it , but the financial advisor will advise you !

If I was you, I'd maintain UK Tax Status and residence if you can!