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Everything against me working! Help please

Posted by Jan-181414 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Anne & Jim - 16 years ago

Don't you which country you are coming from but it is not so hard and yet yes it will cost a little ! you may be looking at 100euros profit year 1 but what is your propect ?? you could go "travailleur independant" or micro entreprise depending on your activity - the social charges are not that bad but year 2 will depends upon your turnover.

Have you registered with the ASSEDIC if you are not working ?? Again depending on your present status you may be eligible for some help.

Advising start up and entrepreneur is my job. If I can be of further help please feel free.



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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

Of course everything is against you,here,what did you honestly expect? A legit free ride? Evidently for the amounts you're talking about your far better off financially doing it on the black.Doubt they'd even bothergetting  out of bed for the amount in question.

Black works for most of the expats that i deal with anyhow..Maybe there is an option for you that's "legal" and in your interest, (an oxymoron if there ever was one) if you do find one,please feel free to share with everyone at AI as i for one would be most interested in learning about it..Good luck at any rate.

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Posted by yjme-181229 - 16 years ago


You have a couple of solutions.

Either you keep quiet which as you say, is not always what you want to do, but that is exactly how cleaners and a lot of others manage, or you go legal.  If you become self-employed, yes you will be paying charges, but you will not pay tax if you earn so little. You must put yourself on the micro-regime. Obviously you will then be in the social security system, but you already are with your husband......this is why a lot of people, especially women, end up doing voluntary work or nothing at all, because it really is not worth the hassle in the long run.

Another solution would be to find an employer. Someone who would take you on as a 'vacataire', which means they pay less charges, your statue is simply not one of a proper salaried person, more of a casual declared worker. There are also things called cheques service, mainly used for domestics, nannies etc. done in the same sort of way. Your employers can claim your wages on their tax bill and you have nothing to do but have charges taken out each month, as if you were on a salary. Banks have all the information and the famous cheque books, for this service. But if you are working on your own back, the only way to be legal is to be self-employed. Sorry 'n all that.