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Fines for illegal internet downloads in France

Posted by Hudson1922-201544 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Hudson1922-201544 - 4 years ago

Thanks for your reply...as the internet is almost an essential I give the password to my guests, so I guess I will be vulnerable....fortunately the clientele are reasonable people, but you never can tell.

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Posted by cupplet - 4 years ago

First of all France were prosecuting people a couple of years ago for downloading films and music for which they had not paid but I've not heard anything for several months, probably because with WiFi, you can download virtually anywhere undetected. However, if a guest downloaded several unpaid films using your router, your internet address would be the one logged. However, if you had not password protected your router and I sat outside your house and accessed your router, I could download films to my heart's content and I would not be detected - however, you would hence why illegal downloads are difficult to prosecute and why you should always password protect your router.