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Posted by wkt54-196372 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Neil85 - 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

Hoorah !! We have just received our cheque from the insurers. It has saved me from contacting Nice Matin, The Connexion & Mairie d'Antibes in a name and shame campaign.

I hope you all get paid out soon, but if not, contact the media, mairie etc. and let your insurers know that their name will be "up in lights" for being bad payers.

Also threaten them with a demand for interest on the sum owed.

Good luck,


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Posted by Romantica-196641 - 6 years ago

Without wishing to depress anyone, we're still chasing from the 'CatNat' of December 2008. The estimations were done by an expert within a very short time of the storm, but it was not declared 'CatNat' until August 2009. There was then 10 days for the agent to submit to the 'specific' department dealing with it : they didn't do anything until I e-mailed them in October, having been told by a neighbour about the CatNat status. Numerous e-mails and Letters AR from us went unanswered by the agent, even a visit to the office last July didn't stimulate anything. Last week, I sat there for 30 minutes, having announced on my arrival (to anyone who might be listening) that I was there to collect copies of all correspondence for my lawyer (a written request for same had not had the desired response).

The agent discovered he had a meeting to attend, so the secretary found herself going through the file and, what a surprise, the agency had not been replying to letters from CatNat, so the file was closed in June 2011! Not satisfactory, I announced, assuring them that my lawyer would be most interested in this, along with the information regards the failure to submit the claim to the appropriate dept. Agent's wife decides she should perhaps call the insurers, explaining that they had a litigenous client sitting with them wanting action. Three of the four outstanding questions she answered on the phone, and I was able to e-mail her the original photos I had sent them in December 2008 (which they had 'lost') to complete the required information. They tried to re-file the letters they'd copied, but I insisted on taking them with me.

She assures me she will keep me informed....Unfortunately, Neil85 is correct, you have to go in person and be 'firm'. It's a hassle, and they rely on us not to do it...pick a time when the office is likely to be busy, if you can, that all the attendant / prospective clients know the sort of service they provide :)

I'm not holding my breath....

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Posted by Neil85 - 6 years ago


We are in the same position, (maybe even on the same site), and I have even e-mailed a copy of the Legifrance (government) laws regarding payouts after the declaration of "catastrophes naturelles", in desperation.

We had sent loads of e-mails to the broker and the assurance assessor, and it was only when we made the trek up to the broker's office on the outskirts of Nice in March and got the lady to chase up the assessor for his valuation did we get a written offer of compensation to sign and return. So the insurance company, (a well-known European firm), have had our acceptance of the offer since the end of March, about 8 weeks ago.

They should pay a percentage within two months of the declaration, and the balance within 3 months. As the declaration was made on the 17th November 2011, it's now 6 months as wkt54 says, and threats of complaining to the authortities go unheeded.

I have just e-mailed Riviera Times to see if there is a story to be made from this fiasco and will do the same with Connexion and then Nice Matin. I will also e-mail the Mairie in Antibes to see if they can do anything.

We are in a more awkward position living 1000km away in the Vendee and have already had to make two trips down to the Riviera, (200 euros in diesel each trip, [we couldn't afford the 200 euros autoroute tolls per trip]), to sort out damage assessment, cleaning out mud, removing and replacing furniture etc.

I will also e-mail wkt54 later so that we can compare notes, but meanwhile good luck with your claim.


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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 6 years ago

Is there an Association of Sinistrées? Was it declared catastrophe naturelle etc, if so, it may be that the state has to unblock monies.Have you been to the Mairie, Have you been to the insurance office & hassled them ?It takes an eternity in France for anything to be paid out. But keep bothering them, send any correspondence "recommandé", & contact the Association if there is one, to find out where its at !