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Franco-British inheritance query - any advice?

Posted by python-187035 - Created: 15 years ago
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My elderly parents are French nationals who spent most of their working lives in the UK and are now retired in France. 

Before they came back to France they invested some of their hard-earned capital savings in Jersey (tax free) and they still receive part of their pensions in the UK, both of which they have never declared to the French tax authorities, mostly, I believe, out of fear, ignorance and rotten 'friendly' advice rather than greed, given the amounts involved (we're not talking millions here - and they've spent the best part of 20 years stricken with paranoia and arguments between them, lest the french tax office find out - a sad punishment indeed).

And now their next obsessional worry is about how this UK money will be dealt with when they pass away (they have 3 children), given that the french authorities know nothing of it.  

Who should they see to sort this out properly from an inheritance point of view?

-  an international solicitor? (is there such a thing, and where would you find one?). 

- a financial consultant or accountant? In France? In the UK?  (but would that perhaps lead into more sales pressure to redistribute their investments? - which I don't think my parents could really withstand at their advanced age).

Any helpful advice gratefully received - thank you.

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