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French Income and Property Tax

Posted by Mark Tasker - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by sheila bardon - 17 years ago

Dear Mark, Personally I would be in no hurry to leap into the French social security system. As a self employed business man your contributions are calculated as a percentage of your taxable income and this will be FAR higher than you currently pay in the UK. Your UK contributions will allow you to still recieve your UK family allowance (its means tested here so you won't get it) and will allow you to obtain an E106 from the DHSS in Newcastle (which gives you the same level of reimbursement from the French health system as the French)The French system of taxation means that you have to declare your worldwide income, but the double taxation agreement ( currently with 70 other countries) prevents you having to pay tax twice on the same income, so tax and indeed NI contributions are payable in the country in which the income is earnt.If you manage to abide by the 90 day rule (ie you only spend 90 COMPLETE days in the UK per annum, the days on which you fly either in or out don't count) you will qualify for non residents tax status in the UK at which point things become both complicated and interesting from a taxation point of view. Even more so if you are hoping to earn some money here for your British company.We have two excellent accountants, one in each country, who make sure that we abide by the laws in both. email me direct and we can talk further sheila