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French law for returning faulty goods

Posted by happy77-121055 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Sarah S-306737 - 5 years ago

I think that France was one of the only countries that didn't enter into the rights of the other EU countries but they have to abide by most. I lawyer friend stated that it all depends on the terms and conditions that the individual shop states and they will hold you to this. I think if you have a document stating all the EU regulations with you and a lawyer at the shop you would get what you are entitled to by EU law but I wouldn't hold my breath as of course this is France! 

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Posted by ameri-cannes - 5 years ago

I bought a dresser and the back pieces for the two top drawers were not in the box. We returned the very next day and were told told we had to wait two weeks for them to order the parts.... after 3 weeks we returned again and they told us it will be another 4-6 weeks!!! UGH!!

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Posted by Tarragon-516720 - 5 years ago

What if you buy a new television set and it
immediately breaks down? Under EU law, if
a product you buy does not conform to the
agreement you made with the seller at the time
of purchase, you can take it back and have it
repaired or replaced. Alternatively, you can ask
for a price reduction, or a complete refund of
your money. This applies for up to two years
after you take delivery of the product. And for
the first six months after delivery, the burden of
proof is on the seller – not the consumer – to
prove that the product sold conformed with the
contract of sale.
This principle that the product must “conform
with the contract of sale” also protects you if
what you get is not what you agreed to buy.
For example, if what you agreed to buy was
antique furniture and what you are sent is
reproduction, you can send it back


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Posted by Tarragon-516720 - 5 years ago

I was merely stating the European consumer laws that I was informed of, in French, when working for a French retail outfit.

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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago

Soz Tarragon to disagree, but the law in France is if you return the goods before 7 days you are entitled to a remplacement or a refund.  After that, if the goods are not manufactured by the retailer, as in their own marque, ie another fabricant, they have the right to return your goods to the manufacturer to decide whether to rembourse or replace.  I know this because I tried to help out friends who can't speak French who had a gas heater they bought in a reputable store which packed up in the cold spell, and had no leg to stand on .....

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Posted by Tarragon-516720 - 5 years ago

As France is part of europe, the european consumer protection laws are exactly the same as in the UK.

If a product is faulty and doesn't fulfil the purpose it was bought for, the buyer has the right to a refund from the RETAILER. Not from the manufacturer, and not a credit note in exchange. You bought this as a unit from a retailer, and as a unit it doesn't function. They must replace or refund.