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Health insurance

Posted by Rivieraq - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by ibseur - 4 years ago

Normally, you should be covered by the French health system. You are a European in Europe. If you want a more complete coverage, you need to go private.

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Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - 4 years ago

Not a bad idea to get professional help with this issue.  I had no idea that as a Canadian I was eligible for French coverage after 3 months of legal residency in France.  Legal residency in my case meant a Carte de Sejour.  I finally hooked up with Mon Ami Andy, a small company in Nice.  They guided me through the maze.  I will caution you however that when it comes to meeting with the CPAM people it is best to go and show your face.  Try your best French and act appreciative, they do want to help, go to a smaller office or you will sit for hours often only to be told that you need to bring something that you do not have, TIP take everything everytime.  We bought a Mutuelle that covers only Major Medical as most treatments in France are reasonable unlike the US or Canada.

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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 4 years ago

Sorry, I forgot to mention, if you are coming to work in France and will be paying your social taxes etc, you may be covered for the percentage of charges for each treatment. 

You can find these charges on Amelia, the French website for health.  Unless you are unemployed, everyone still has to pay for part of their health care and this is why the French have mutuelle cover.

This is the link to the French website


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Posted by Kentish maid-243236 - 4 years ago

If you have state health cover in Estonia, you need to see if there is an agreement with France (this is what laughingboy is saying for the UK ex-pats).

As well you need to buy medical insurance/top up insurance, and this will vary according to what cover you need.  The companies doing this are called mutuelles.  There are many and the possibilities are endless. In the end you buy what you can afford and hope that you can cover extra costs. 

At the end of the day, if you need urgent medical attention, like an accident or a terminal illness, you will get treated first.

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Posted by Rivieraq - 4 years ago

No.We come from Estonia. I am thinking of getting insurance through IMG-or some company like that.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

Are you British? Are you coming from the UK? Are you retired? Have you been working in the UK? If so you can ask DWP if they will issue you with an S1 which is a form that entitles you to be covered under the French state healthcare system, and you will be reimbursed around 70 per cent of your medical costs. Then you can take out top up insurance to cover some or all of the remaining 30 per cent if you want.

If you're British but you aren't eligible for an S1 you will probably have to take out full comprehensive private health insurance which obviously will be more expensive, depending on your medical history. Or, you might be able to get into the French system direct and pay contributions, but you would have to apply once you get here and see what the answer is, some people seem to get accepted and some don't.

If you're not from the UK at all then what you are eligible for will depend what country you are from.