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Help assistance for mum

Posted by pilkington-322676 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Lots-322716 - 5 years ago

You need to go and see a social worker urgently. Presumably you're already registered with the CAF? Are you already in receipt of child benefit? What health cover have you got?

If you haven't paid contributions in France or have a private income you won't get anything so far as benefits are concerned but there are organisations such as the Resto du Coeur and Saint Vincent de Paul where you can get free food in the winter months if you're registered with a social worker and the CAF. It's very humiliating but if you truly can't feed your children you'll do it. I did.

The rules changed a few years back and to qualify for benefits you have to have a droit de séjour (right to be here by way of proven private income to sustain yourself and your children).

It's the same for all the other benefits such as housing benefit and income support, reduced tarif electricity and France Telecom and 'aide urgences d'enfants' which is an emergency help from the Conseil Génerale of between 100 to 400 euros.

There is a benefit called allocation soutien familial which is a maintenance payment temporarily available for 4 months whilst your childrens' father is persued legally for maintenance payments but this again is reliant on you being registered with the CAF and not available to people who aren't already in the system.

Be careful about your rent. You can't be evicted in the winter months but if you default for 2 months outside of the winter your landlord can instruct an huissier to give you 2 months to come up with the rent in total settlement and if you don't, put the case before a judge who will then give you 2 months' notice to quit.

I'm sorry this won't be what you want to hear but it's better you know and don't build your hopes up.

People will post to say they got every benefit going when they moved here without paying into the system or having any private income but that was years ago and things have changed including entrance into the French health system. It's all to stop non-French residents becoming a burden on the state.