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Help rip off on a boat and stuck in Italy

Posted by Gary Davies-221212 - Created: 10 years ago
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I was employed as a chef on a boat from Italy to Monaco, as a chef I am expected to do all that is normal, however I am 6.5 tall, so when a bunk was proposed on board, I and the second agreed not possible, so i was given a cabin, a 30 metre yacht, it was great, however the owner came on board and said I was crew and had to sleep in the bunk, as that was not going happen he just said right off the boat, i was employed for two weeks minimum and want my cash, I am in Italy and am stuck until I get a ticket back to nice, so whats the rules about being employed on a private yacht, can I expect my full pay, or what


Thank you

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 10 years ago

Good to see you are safely back on the CdA Gary. Maybe one day you wll get your dosh if the boat captain does the right thing.

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Posted by Gary Davies-221212 - 10 years ago

HI All

Got the trains and spent a long day on them,I for one have learnt yet another lesson in life and life goes on does it not

Thank you

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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 10 years ago

Hi Gary, I hope u'r well catch the first train man and comeback to life as a Cook u can find another job anytime.I've been in the Yachting business for more than 20 Years and as a Captain I've never left a crew behind for any reason.But in your case,the problem is not you being tall like u said and that has nothing to do with the owner of the boat, or the Captain.But try to imagine yourself the owner of 30m yacht telling a 120 Kg man and 198 cm to move from the guest cabin to a crew accomondation I know owners very well u scared the hell of the man.I use one of the guest cabin in the Winter time cos mine is outside and can't open the hatch when it rains but the owner knows that I 'll move to my Cabin anytime he comes on board and he doesn't need to ask me for that.Forget about it u will live longer and laugh about this bad experience.And u will have plenty of opportunity's to work on boats,just make sure to look on 50 m, Cos crew Cabins are much more comfortable but You will never find 198 cm bed.

Good Luck!!!!!

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Posted by captjim-215741 - 10 years ago

gary, listen, yachting is yachting, i agree with what cheffie says. i think it is fair you are paid from start, untill you finish your train journey. then put it down to experience.maybe yachting isnt for you, in all the boats i have ver been on i have nevr seen a 6.5ft crew bunk. of course you cant expect to stay in a guest cabin???!!!!!i am 6 ft and my bunk is a bit small for me, some times as crew we have to put up with this. however we get great pay and tips and a great lifestyle!!!!

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Posted by Gary Davies-221212 - 10 years ago

Yes I am 6 foot 5 tall and it was not a point of order, at the time at least, the deckhead is about 2 metres so no problem for working in the Galley but when I turned up after being flown from Nice to Fano, new build 2 to 3 weeks work and good pay, I was shown the bunk beds and the 2 mate said no way and offered me a guest room, (even children would have a problem getting into these bunk beds), cool for me, but it sems that the owner was not as cool, so he, Neil said get off the boat, charming he is indeed, he said you do not fit get off the boat now,

I am a chef but not a boat one, hence this was just for trip and get some needed cash, so should I say to my employer that i am 6.5 and weigh 120 ks, is it justified, my cooking at least was ok. So I am asking for lost wages and expenses, but no one will answer my calls, i am in a hotel romm and literally abandoned in Italy, wonderfull

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Posted by dogwatch-200995 - 10 years ago

Unfortunately without a contract, (and often even with) you wont get much support. Under seamans articles your entitled to a daily meal complete with weavels and a days pay and if you are chucked off, the return journey to the place of joining and thats pretty much it.

You can go to the port authority and ask for a writ to be put on the vessel to claim your pay, and then the boat cant move until they pay, but how good is your italian and is the boat still there.

SJ and cheffie are right you picked a boat thats too small for you. And now all the captains will be on the lookout for a 6ft 5 trouble maker.

Yachting has moved on professionally but its a shame that some owners, Captains, and groups like the PYA, who could do good work in this area, have failed to do so where crew care is concerned.

Dispite misunderstandings or differences, if you do a days work you deserve your days pay. Its the honourable thing to do.

Come on Boss, pay the man and move on!

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Posted by cheffie - 10 years ago

The problem is he wasn't working in Sophia. The laws here don't apply unless he was on a French flagged boat.

If he's 6'5" tall and the deckhead (ceiling) was too low, would you expect the boat to raise the ceiling? No. You don't take the job. Same if the pay isn't what you want or the cruising plan isn't what you want or if they pay in dollars instead of euros. You don't take the job. The choice is yours.

My original sentiments are the same. Chalk it up to experience and don't name names on a public forum.

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 10 years ago

Sophia and yachting are very different worlds with very different working conditions, rules and pay. You cannot compare the two. On boats, it is a matter of conforming to the job (if you want to keep it) and it's a very difficult world at times. People go on about the big salaries that crews get, but let me tell you they generally work very hard, under difficult conditions, for that money, and those conditions very often include cramped and/or uncomfortable living quarters. However, not getting your pay is really not on, but it does happen. It is best to be discreet and either write it off or try to speak politely with the captain when the owner is no longer on the boat...

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Posted by LavaLamp - 10 years ago

Hi while I can understand what cheffie is saying, I am astonished that Gary would have this sort of treatment. If you are employed by a company in Sophia for example, you have a chair which suits your needs - ie if you have back prbs then you must be provided with a chair which is suitable and which will not cause you any pain or discomfort, the same goes for any other equipment which you need to do your job. If your job entails staying on the boat for long periods of time, then of course you should have a comfortable bed - imho anyway!

Gary, were you working under contract? If so perhaps you should look into this - as far as I know, there is a Medicine du Travail who can intervine on this sort of prb. If you need more info on that I can give you the info I get from my employers - just email me

good luck - am crossing my fingers for you


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Posted by cheffie - 10 years ago

Unless you have a contract you will probably have to chalk this up to experience. Nowhere does it say they have to FLY you home. Be thankful they didn't put you on a bus!!!

Even if the captain said you could sleep in a guest cabin, do you really think it"s right that you slept in a guest cabin. Should the owners guests sleep in a crew cabin? You are as responsible as anyone else in this. If the crew cabin was too small, you should have never taken the job.