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Help with 2nd AE status

Posted by fvo-205381 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by fvo-205381 - 5 years ago

Oh, okay thanks for that LB - that is some info at least! My 'other' hat is voice recording / singing so I could always say I'll stop that (and won't of course) if the two prove incompatible.

But according to the greffe page   you can mix just about anything, I just wanted to be fully aware before going into Fréjus Greffe with all the correct paperwork - last year they were offhand and dismissive!

It sure ain't easy trying to be legal here...

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

You are correct, one person can only 'be' one auto entrepreneur, with one siret no. etc.

If you want to take on a second activity, you can add it to your existing registration if it is compatible, or if it isn't compatible then unfortunately you can't do it. I don't know what your primary activity is but I unless there is something special about it I don't see any reason what you are proposing to do wouldn't be acceptable.

However the higher earnings ceiling is only for traders i.e. people who buy goods and resell them (think eBay, market traders, kitchen suppliers/fitters, etc), because obviously there is more turnover going through their books but it does not reflect their actual earnings. As an agent immobilier you are not buying and reselling goods, so you would in any case be limited to the lower ceiling. 

Hope this helps.