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household waste charge

Posted by Collie-201216 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by Garonne - 6 years ago

Yes, you have to pay it unless it is categorically stated as an additional clause in your bail that it's included.  I pay mine at 10 euros a month included in my rent cheque, although it's not 'included' in my rent so far as my contract is concerned.  I prefer this rather than getting an annual bill.

You will also have to pay the assainissement charge if you are on mains sewage.  I pay around 125 euros a year for this and the bill comes in February.

(Taxe d'habitation is also your responsibility for the year when you are in residence on Ist January.  Taxe Fonciere is the responsibility of the landlord.)


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Posted by ESS-209984 - 6 years ago

This will be the taxe ordures menageres - which is billed to the owner as part of the taxe fonciere.   It is due to be paid by the tenant, so your landlord will be correct...

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Posted by 1850stjeannet - 6 years ago

Normally its in the standard charges for the block - if in dispute ask for a breakdown of the charges through him from the syndic in charge of your block.