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how do I start the paperwork process...

Posted by indigo-185290 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by yjme-181229 - 16 years ago

Mike is aboslutely right about the Services des Etrangers. Could be a silly move. I was assuming/imagining, perhaps wrongly, that you would go along to enquire about the legal requirements about proper immigration (on your tourist visa which I was also assuming you renewed regularly by leaving the country as is the law) - I should have gone into details more, sorry!

Good luck!

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Posted by coolas - 16 years ago

Yes, sorry, but as a Canadian, you have no rights to work or live here and unless you marry a European or have set of skills that make you a desirable immigrant, you are out of luck.

You don't really any other choice, except to go home where you'll have a much broader set of options and possibilities available to you.

Best of luck!

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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

It's covered in the Carte de Séjour INFOrmation page.

Essentially, you're in the wrong country. As a non-EU national you need to get a long stay visa before arriving in France, and only then can you apply for a titre de séjour.

You can go to the service des Étrangers at the Préfecture and the people there might help you out - but they might throw you out of the country too. After all, your position, baldly put, is this: you are an illegal immigrant who has been in the country unlawfully for nearly two years, working on the black. Why should they cut you any slack?

In essence, your best bet is probably to get out of the country and then come back in with the right paperwork. However, it is excellent advice to talk first to your Embassy, or the Consulate on rue Lamartine in Nice.


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Posted by yjme-181229 - 16 years ago

You should quite simply go to the Service des Etrangers at the Prefecture in Nice. They will have all the information you require. Or contact your Canadian embassy? They are bound to be able to help you, wherever they may be.