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How to deal with non performing Management company

Posted by Fitcarraldo - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by AnnaC-195945 - 5 years ago

Hello, I had a similar problem and in the end had to go to a lawyer. Anyway, we were advised by a friend NOT to withold management fees otherwise we would have been in the wrong.  The person who told me this had done so and had subsequently had problems, I'm not quite sure whether she lost her case for that reason.

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Posted by Fitcarraldo - 5 years ago

Thanks for those suggestions.

Not sure what my Insurance company can do unless I'm making a claim off them. There was no real damage - just a power cut and my (seasonal) renters decided to leave (I had to refund their rental).

I'll contact the Insurance company anyhow and sound them out. Thanks.


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Posted by JJ-183649 - 5 years ago

Shouldn't you get your insurance involved on each of these problems, aside from your management company issue?

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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago

You have to write them a letter sent LRAR outlining your grievances first of all giving them a specified time delay to reply to you.

There's a similar thread to this on another forum.  All I can say is get legal advice but be very careful about withholding management fees.  The other person who posted wasn't in occupancy of said apartment and it was reposessed although she only owed 2,000 euros in management fees ...