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Insurance confusion - Monaco

Posted by ply2monaco - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago

eurokiné is absolutely right (as usual!).

This happened to me too and it's your special tenancy insurance that deals with it.  There will be no financial ramifications for you. 

The obligatory rental insurance is totally different to normal house insurance.  Presuming you sent a copy (which is obligatory) to your landlord, in fact you don't even have to be involved.  Tell your real estate agent to get it sorted.  He/she is paid by the landlord to trouble shoot so he should sort it all out starting with contacting, on your landlord's behalf, your insurers.

When the central heating pipes burst below ground in my cellar, I just told the landlord and everything wa sorted without me having to sign or do anything.

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

You take out the insurance in order to cover this sort of thing.

Your insurance company will fix the problem for you & then turn to the insurance company of the coproprieté (if the pipe is embedded in the wall) or your landlord  to be reimbursed for the costs they had to pay. If you had to wait for the other persons insurance to sort it out you'd be living  ina water damaged appartment for months while they dcided what to do.

This system gets the work done at least


The oven is a fixture that appears on your etat des lieux and is something that the landlord is responsible for making sure that it works. This is nothing to do with insurance.

Hope this clarifys the situation for you

get in touch with your insurance & ask for a declaration de degats des eaux form and fill it in as much as you can and send it back as quickly as you can -there may be time limits on this sort of thing but I dont have any experience of that so I cant comment