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Insurers refuse to pay out - advice sought

Posted by Luciole-221920 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by ChB-184121 - 7 years ago

I agree, if they have found that you lied on your original application, then they are not going to pay out. Their argumant will be along the lines that your premium was not correct as it was for a 6 piece house, not a 11 piece, you have not paid the full premium, so they will not pay out. A bit like insuring a Ferrari and saying it is a Fiat Punto, you will find they will have a clause in the small print somewhere that says that everything has to be declared truthfully otherwise you are not insured. But they will happily take your premium for years!

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 7 years ago

I guess the real issue is that you are not insured at all if you did not give the right details on your original application. They take a dim view of this, just as they would in the UK.

You do have to be careful as a large room here will count as two rooms. We had our insurer come and visit the house to calculate for himself how many 'pieces' we had, so would advise any other people taking our French insurance to do the same.

Another thing we have found in France is that you MUST put everytning in writing. They will only respond to letters, so send them a 'recommande' now asking what portion of the claim they are going to pay.

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Posted by Ron T-262215 - 7 years ago

Hi, doesn't this sound familiar !!

First, you need to find out what the six pieces of the 11 pieces are insured then, why are the other five pieces are not insured. If you have a lawyer I would ask them to check the contract for you. If you are sure you have the roof covered on insurance (some insurers insure this separate) then you should not be having grief from them. You would definatley be covered within the six pieces if any further damage has been caused to the property as A RESULT OF THE ORIGINAL SOURCE i.e the thunder storm.
You have to keep at it, do not let it go. We had a similar problem and went banging on the Mayors desk looking for answers !! Why do you pay insurance?? I'd check my vehicle insurance if I were you as you maybe only covered for one wheel !!!!!!!!!!!

Contact The British helpline & support in Nice on 04 93 59 88 65. They have people who advise and help with legal matters or any matter come to think of it. They will put you in touch with the right people but, DO NOT LET THIS GO.

Good luck
From Chevaun :)) Ireland living in France for 6 years.