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Leaving a rented house-help needed

Posted by selkie-187145 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by selkie-187145 - 5 years ago

charlottenovitz -thanks  I was really depressed when i wrote this post but we keep reminding ourselves that it won't be long now.

relocatella = thanks for the link. I have checked their site and need to put everuything into chronological order before contacting them which will take a while to sort out , but i will give it a go.

laughingboy - thanks for responding  , the agency didn\'t take photos when we moved in. I can't remember whether i  took photos then or not, i will have to look back on  backup cds and check.
We do have photos of the problem that are dated and  receipts for RARs  where we notified  the agency and propriataire but nothing was done . And also I have redecorated after supposed repairs and then there are photos of the re-emergence of the water damage in the same places.

The agency and propriataire have now engaged 3 people to give devis -but they have asked each  company to make two devis - one for our insurance and a devis for  putting everything to rights . If the roof is not repaired  then i guess any work will be just cosmetically covering up till the heavy rains start again.

The guy sent by the agency to do the estimates  today said that a beam may be dangerous because of the water infiltration and that   mould from the infiltrations  is almost certainly what has been causing and aggravating our health issues.

We are going to the doctor tomorrow  and get advice and hopefully medical certificates regarding the effect on our health, and then  we will have to see the service d'hygiène at the mairie
I has occurred to me we could maybe   use  the  complaint to the mairie   to try bargaining with the owner and see if we can get our deposit back  and leave earlier.  But I guess it may be too late in the day for  this to  work in our favour.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

There should have been an état des lieux with photos when you moved in, to prove the condition. If there wasn't, it might actually work in your favour.

Also if you have dated photos of the damage when it occurred that could be useful. 


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Posted by relocatella - 5 years ago

I am sorry that you had to go through all this nightmare. Hoepfully soon, you will have a better life.

You can contact a tenant association to be advised. We used the following one for our former place and the help we were given was professional and saved us from a lot of trouble. http://www.lacgl.fr/ I don't know if they offer a service in English though.

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Posted by charlottenovitz-654670 - 5 years ago

you poor,poor,poor people.    I had a landlord like that, luckily only for 10 months (that was stipulated in the arrangement).   I suppose these people abide elsewhere...?   In any case it was the incentive to do all possible to buy,  which presented other problems.  As someone recently recommended to me, if you can swallow it, try to turn your back and move on.

Good luck!