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legal advice wanted

Posted by Carmel-187818 - Created: 15 years ago
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We have a house which we rent out on a weekly basis from Easter - October. We have just found out that a 4 storey apartment block is to be built in full view of our house, less than 200 m away. We have been to see the Mairie who showed us the plans and drawings but they said that as it is in a town there is nothing we can do about losing our view. Although they informed us that building work is forbidden in July and August, we are very concerned about the disruption and noise outside of those months when the house is rented. So, some questions we hope someone can advise us on. Firstly, if someone who rents the house complains to us about the building work, do we legally have to compensate them in any way? Secondly, if the building work continues into next summer, we are very concerned about taking bookings. Is there anything we can do re. loss of earnings? Do we have any rights and are we entitled to any compensation from the builder/owner? We neither want to nor could afford to go to court about this! Lastly, we realise we can't stop the building being constructed, but is there anything we can do about noise early in the morning, eg how would we go about getting it agreed that they can't use machinery until after 9:00 am for example. Any advice on this would be hugely appreciated! Many thanks, Carmel

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