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Locked Out/Evicted

Posted by couchpotato - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by hyvan-313618 - 6 years ago

You should contact your local Maison de Justice et du Droit - they'll provide you with free legal advice, there's one in Nice and another in Menton.

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Posted by couchpotato - 6 years ago

In a normal legal situation ( i.e. anywhere but France) I am sure I am protected by:
Here? And rapid injunctions? Do they exist?
I sold my house and invested everything in this business, it seemed to make sense as a support area for my partners existing business. This was my last throw of the dice. I'm too old and tired to start over. I just finished a month of 18 hour days..... and then this.

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Posted by couchpotato - 6 years ago

What I am afraid of is the length before action. I have previous experience of French "justice". In other places one could be granted an injunction rapidly, but here? I once waited 9 months for am "emergency" hearing regarding my chldren.
i suspect I am screwed ...... strange to be homeless at my age.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 6 years ago

Horrible. I can only offer you sympathy. I suggest you go to the police as she is illegally holding things like your passport which isn't in fact yours, it belongs to the government authority that issued it, so you could also go to the consulate. I imagine that the threat of police will be sufficient to get her to hand over passport, cheque book, etc, personal possessions and so on but the disputed business related goods and money will be more complex and not a police matter.

I would suggest, whatever you have to do to get one, that you engage a lawyer, or the Antenne de Justice, which is a sort of free legal aid in France - it won't be the first time they've dealt with this.

I was once in a similar situation, not quite as bad as yours. I took the law into my own hands and dealt with it that that way, but that was in anotther world and another time! I don't suggest you do that here. Good luck.

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Posted by couchpotato - 6 years ago

She waited 4 days, now that my outstanding orders are incomplete, she now demands I remove my furniture from her house, and remove my equipment.
She has refused to pay outstanding invoices that I billed her for legitimate work done - I embroider all her products.
She has ruined 30K of orders - I have a large UPS shipment for a yacht that was refused because I was not there, and she has my chequebok in any case so I would have been unable to intercept, redirect and pay the import duties.