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Lost Passprt - Urgent

Posted by Marcello-279936 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Marcello-279936 - 5 years ago

Thanks...much appreciated. 

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

You don't need a birth certificate in fact, but for a lost or stolen passport you need to get your photo endorsed for . You can download the form online. If you submit your application from outside the UK you pay double the fee (I think it is either 160€ or 180€, can't remember which) and it takes six weeks or more. You are not supposed to pretend you are in the UK and submit the application as if from a UK address although the temptation is obvious. And if you want to ring up to see how your application is getting along, you have to give your credit card number before you are connected and you pay 70p or so per minute for the call. Don't know about assisting citizens, ripping them off more like.

You can get an emergency travel document but it is just that, a temporary document that you can use once on a pre-arranged journey.

I know all this because I had my passport and wallet stolen in Italy recently, and I did not find the Embassy at all helpful in the circumstances. They want your money and if you have no bank card and no way of paying them, they won't do anything for you until you have. The fact that you are a British citizen stranded in a foreign country with no ID and no money, does not change anything.

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Posted by sunseapebbles - 5 years ago

It's a horrible feeling. First of all the loss of a passport is considered to be a serious security concern so the first person who replied is correct. You must report it to the police and your embassy ASAP. Passports these days can be sold for a lot of money for criminal activity so the security concern is a matter of urgency and priority. The passport MUST be cancelled. The next step is to contact your local embassy. If they do not have one down here they may have a consoul who can help you. Usually they give you a document to cover your period without a passport. You must immediatly begin the process to apply for a new one but for that you will need origional documents such as birth cert etc. This process takes time and you cannot travel in between. I mean I think you can get home but not back until your new one is issued. Not all the people who issue them are hard to deal with. It is their job to assist their citizens. Good luck.  


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

If you have reported it to the police you should have an official report confirming the loss. Depending on who you are dealing with, that might suffice if you have no other form of ID. 

AFAIK you have to go through the British Embassy in Paris for a replacement passport and they are not helpful at all. Good luck.

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