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Mariage dossier denied due to deed poll - any legal bods out there?

Posted by StrawberryPeach - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by StrawberryPeach - 5 years ago

Thank you all for your advice and stories... Funnily enough the CPAM accepted my deed poll name without a question and my card vitale has the changed name on it. We have recently moved from Le Cannet to Cannes so will try and submit the dossier at Cannes mairie. Cannes is more international and they may have seen the document before. My only concern is that its the prefracture in Grasse that signs off the documents so may deny it again.

Thanks again for your help


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Posted by asha-222251 - 5 years ago

Quite an interesting topic as i changed my name by deed poll in the UK a number of years ago before moving out to France.

Passport, driving licence etc etc all changed without problem in the UK.

Pretty much accepted out here except for the CPAM who had a serious issue with the fact that in their eyes my name is not my "family name" ( as stated on my birth certificate) and thus refused to accept the deed poll as a legal document and issue me with a carte vittalle.

All this said, I did nonetheless have a social security number and entitlement into the health care system.

A "battle" ensued for almost 4 years ( during which time i received healthcare , just simply no carte vittalle!).

The french system arguing that the deed poll was not a legal document and the UK solicitors dictating that my original name as listed on my birth certificate had no legal standing and indeed i would be breaking the law if i were to use it!

Literally dozens of phtocopies of all the said paperwork was demanded by umpteen different people within the CPAM with no agreement being made to accept my name.

Eventually I decided to bypass all the "muppets" within the system and sent a short but very much to the point letter to the, who was then president with copies of relevant paperwork explaining the farce between two  "legal" bodies in two different countries yet both within the EU.

I received a stock reply stating that my correspondance had been received and was being addressed.

2 weeks letter, I received my carte vittalle through the letter box!!!

Basically if you're going no where with the monkeys then go straight to the organ grinder!!

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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago


I wrote the letter myself and copied the Deed Poll change of name certificate and presented both.  I basically said listen up - this is his name and you insisting on refusing to change his name is against european law.

I think I can find it because although it was years ago it should have been transferred to my new computer - would you like me to try and find it and email it to you? You may like to adapt it as it's for the mayor and make it a little less 'diirect'. 

From memory, it said that this was an official worldwide accepted legal document concerning my son's change of name and that along with his birth certificate in his previous name (when required a copy of) it had to be accepted and that any reference to his previous name would in effect not relate to him.

Let me know if you want me to try to find it on my PC as a word Doc.  If I can't, I can scan you a hard copy as I have one on my CPAM file.



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Posted by KarenJ-232685 - 5 years ago

When my grandfather was buried in England, it came to light that his surname had been changed to a step father's surname. He could not be buried with his step father's surname. I know that this is not the position that you are in but my point is even in England, you can come up against tricky situations when names have been changed to a step father's name, even by deed poll.

I think many people do not go into the possible consequences when such a change is made. But good luck and I hope that you can sort it out soon.

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Posted by StrawberryPeach - 5 years ago

Thanks for getting in touch. Where did you get the letter from? Was it from deed poll or did you write it yourself? Im tempted just to put the dossier in again and see if it passes this time... You never know here!

Thanks again


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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago

I don't have any experience of marrying using a change of name by deed poll, sorry.

But I changed my son's name by deed poll after we'd already been in France for a few years, which was accepted by everyone except the CPAM to whom I went to see with a letter explaining that this was an officially recognised document and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing they accepted it.

If I were you, I'd pop back and see the Mairie and explain again.  I hope this is never an issue for my son ... Good luck.