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Monaco Freelance = URSSAF?

Posted by WaterBaby-895511 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 6 years ago

I know someone who works in Monaco as AE. 

Do you live in France, or in Monaco? If you LIVE in France and you are self-employed, it makes not one jot of difference whether you work for clients in France, Monaco, the UK, the USA, Spain, etc, etc, etc. It's where you live and where your business is registered (i.e. your home address) that counts.

If you were on an employment contract with a company based in Monaco I guess it would be different, or if you lived in Monaco, I don't know quite how it would work then. But if you are a self-employed French resident, your business is based in France and your healthcare is provided by France, so you need to pay your cotisations and your taxes to France. You pay into the social security system of the country where you live.

It would be lovely if I could say to URSSAF 'I'm only going to pay cotisations on half of what I earn because half of my clients are based outside of France'.