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Need help re Renewal Carte de Resident -non EU

Posted by finbar-199161 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

I just discovered how to get the "Justificatif de domicile" from EDF and its very easy!  Saves going to an EDF office.

 Go to the EDF website, logon, and on the right side of the home page, there is a place to pose questions with LAURA, conseille virtuelle.  I typed in "justificatif de domicile" and up pops a response with "cliquez ici" and Voila! there is a letter of justification of contract, with today's date, and signed, on EDF bleu ciel letterhead.

I'm feeling confident that the Prefecture fonctionnaire will accept this.  Anyone else tried this?

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Posted by indigomonaco - 5 years ago

Hey Finbar,

You can go to a EDF office, and they'll have a Kiosk there where you can print out an attestation of your EDF account.  That is accepted as proof of residence.

Not sure where you are, but I go to the EDF on Notre Dame  in Nice to get mine when I need it.

No cost, you just need to know your account number. 

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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

We own our villa and all my utilities, including the mobile, are by automatic prelevement.  I think the idea to bring the schedule of the prelevements, plus a bank statement or two, indicating the payment, is a good solution.  Hope it works!

Since I want to apply early, I just don't want to have anything questionable, thus giving the fonctionnaire the opportunity to say "sorry!", you need to bring something else and come back later.

Lastly, regarding the justification of not leaving France more than 3 consequtive years, do you just rely upon a letter signed by you stating that, or do you bring some other sort of justification? 

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

As Lavinia says in the previous post... I don't have EDF or anything like that because it's included in my rent. I have always given my mobile phone bill, which seems to generally be acceptable for these purposes.

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Posted by lavinia sadowski-249237 - 5 years ago

I suggest you do get the schedule from EDF, plus your bank account statement showing the most recent payment, a receipt for rental if you are not an owner, your title deed if you are, and any utility invoice you may have (mobile phone?). It should be ok.


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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

Thank you so much Lavinia...I am relieved to know that the stampede no longer exists. Having participated in that at least 6 times, it was really a nightmare and awful experience.

I went to the site you recommended and it is quite clear as to the documents required.

However, regarding the "Justificatif de domiccile effectif" - I know it has to be current, I think within 3 months.  But, all our utilities are paid by automatic prelevements.  When my husband renewed, he went with a copy of the EDF schedule of prelevements forthcoming, and luckily it was accepted, but reluctantly.  I know a lot depends on the fonctionnaire one confronts, but I want to avoid any doubts.  So, should I bring a recent bank statement showing the amount paid, ie to EDF, or what else would be bullet-proof?  What else justifies residency except utilities, that is acceptable for this purpose?

Thank for any and all suggestions.  Have a great day.

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Posted by lavinia sadowski-249237 - 5 years ago

You can get a list of required documents by going to www.alpes-maritimes.pref.gouv.fr, clicking on étrangers and then on the renouvellement carte dix ans.


Yes the cost has risen, and the 260 is the duty stamps (timbre fiscaux)


There is no longer a stampede - the system has been reorganised and improved, and if you get there around 8h30, you will queue outside for half an hour, when you enter, go straight to the end of the corridor to Accueil 3 on the left, you will queue there for a ticket (someone checks that your documents are in order). If you go too soo, you will indeed most likely be turned away. Beware allowing the date to go by - that costs an extra 180 euros! I advise you to go with written proof that you will be out of the country when your card expires. They may then give you a temporary document.

Good luck!

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Posted by finbar-199161 - 5 years ago

Hello MG76

Thank you for your detailed reply.  I really appreciate it.  I do have some questions:

What is 260E tax?  Hmm, I'm thinking this is the amount one has to have in the Timbre Fiscaux...is this correct?  If so, it confirms that the increase from last year is 37%...alot!

Do you need to provide originals AND copies (if so, how many?) of all documents?

I really want to go sooner than one month to renew, as I will be out of the country at the time my current card expires.  Did they actually send you away based on the fact that you were two months ahead of renewal?  

How early did you cue up at the Prefecture gate?  Past experiences remind me of the stampede to get inside, but its been 10 years, so maybe the process has iimproved.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Posted by MG76-220216 - 5 years ago


I just got my CdS renewed last week, and it took me only 2 trips to Nice Prefecure

the documents they asked:

- proof of address

- livret de famille/acte de mariade - if married

- divorce certificate - if divorced

- my husbands id

- self addressed envelope

- 3 pictures

- 260E tax

- they may aslo ask for birth certificates for you children, if you have children, have them with you in case

they ask for originals and copies of everything

you can apply only 1 month in advance, first time I came 2 months before and was sent away

- you sign 'sertificate of honeur' that you didnt leave France for long periods of time for last 3 years, they have the paper ready there and you just fill you name in

thats it

e-mail me if you want more info