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neighbour burning 'branches' - advice please!

Posted by auberia - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by job-212223 - 6 years ago

We had a lucky escape the other month. Our neighbour had made a bonfire a couple days prior but didn't realise the heat, even after he had put it out had been building up underground and re-ignited itself two days later during the early evening.

It was only when I went to close my bedroom shutters I saw flames tracking up next to our house and up to our neighbours. He was blissfully unaware!! Anyway the pompiers were called and extinguished the fire. Two days later the pompiers returned to check things were ok and saw another lot of smoke tracking up in the other direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This called for a friendly meeting with our neighbours who were very apologetic and have agreed to cut some very thick trees down etc that divide our properties. Still waiting for the work to be done. Thank god this didn't happen on a windy night or during the summer months.

Posted by Linda Blochet - 6 years ago

I have to agree that this french penchant for burning everything drives me crazy as well. I live in St Paul and sometimes our valley is so full of smoke that you can't see the other side. In rural france it's almost a tradition.

Unfortunately it is not illegal to burn vegetable matter up until 15th July. As for the smoke it's more a question of being respectful to your neighbours and not burning when they have their washing hanging out drying or a birthday party going on in the back yard etc.

Having said that, once you're on the bad side of your neighbours they seem to take pleasure in floughting their "connaissance" of the law.

There's a definite business opportunity here though... buy a wood chipping machine, rent it out to the people burning everything, or do it for them and sell their own wood chips back to them as compost. I've thought about it many a time.

Good luck, and don't hold your breath for the french or their laws to change.

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Posted by charlottenovitz-266290 - 6 years ago

I thought that was outlawed ; in my community I believe green plastic sacks are provided
for "vegetable" matter, placed next to bins. Or bringing bigger quantities to the nearest
"decharge" Years ago in another place I had a neighbor who burned nausebond
papers she used instead of Kitty Little. That was below my bedroom window, often left

So I guess it depends where you are, and how nasty your neighbors can be..........

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Posted by auberia - 6 years ago

Thank you all so much for taking the time to write your replies.I will follow your advice and' take a walk' on Sunday afternoons and try not get so annoyed. It will have to stop when they run out of branches (hopefully). Thanks for the perspective. Auberia.

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Posted by alessandraclarke - 6 years ago

I am fairly certain that they can not legally burn stuff from April onwards in Cannes.

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Posted by riviera dream - 6 years ago

Our commune has specified times of the day when you're allowed to burn. You could contact your Mairie about that. Otherwise it's a question of grit your teeth and hope he'll soon be finished.

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Posted by Goupil-198464 - 6 years ago

In general it is much better to have a "control burn" meaning:

reduction of the amount of vegetable stuff susceptible to go in an incontrollable fire.

Here this is a major hazard, beside earthquake, I hope you will never experience

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 6 years ago

Nothing you can do unto about June 15th, when the department outlaws open fires for fire risk, but then, if they are burning in a metal bucket, they can burn all year round (with a water source near-by)

Any action by you other than kindly asking them to burn say, if you would like to have an afternoon out in the garden or in the mornings, will probably result in alot of negativity towards you and rightly so, as when you moved here, you knew that open fires are legal as you can see them everywhere.

Do not how big the garden is, but they will soon run out of stuff to burn, unless they want to piss off a neighbour and tell their French friends that they can burn their stuff in their garden.

At least it is not plastic as many still do in this area.