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Noise control

Posted by jbw156-300730 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by fallenangel - 6 years ago


I really sympathise with you as it must be unbearable to hear music until the early hours. Based on my own experience I think it depends where you live as to who to contact to complain. I have a flat in town and some years ago a restaurant opposite had live music going on until 2am every morning. Complaints to the restaurant owner and to the police municipal made no differ'nece whatsover however a letter addressed to the maiyor inviting him to spend an evening at my home had immediate results; not only did he answedr my letter but the music stopped the very next day.

We also have a house in the hinterland of Menton and again suffer from loud music played in the garden of our nearest neighbour. He has it on so loud that we have had to stay indoors and shut all the windows. It got so bad last wee .I called the local gendarmerie and asked them to intervene or to advise me as I was in tears by that time.

An hour later two gendarmes came to his home but unfortunatly he haéd just turned the volume down. They said that if they couldn't constat it themselves they couldn't do anything but that I shouldn't hesitate to call the again. Whatever action you take will the neighbours know it comes from you because if so you should be prepared for vengeance against you. I had to put up with verbal abuse and racist remarks from this man and he is ruining my faiily's weekends at home.

Perhaps you could start by writing to the neighbours and if that has no effect, contacting the Police Municipal next step the gendarmerie, your local mairie and if push comes to shove, getting a huissier to come to constat the noise.

Hope you manage to find a solution.

Bon courage

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 6 years ago

Police Municipale. "tapage nocturne"