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Not your run of the mill carte de sejour question

Posted by MS-180758 - Created: 15 years ago
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I would like to know if anybody could perhaps be able to provide some much needed advice here..I married my fiancee (french) a little over a month ago in Canada and all was fine,we had all the formalities taken care of through the french consulate and embassy; The problem is since then i have managed to destroy my passport in the washing machine;Now here's where it gets real interesting,apparently because i refused to cough up big time with respect to a court case i lost with my ex wife some time back now,(no i have no kids) they have suspended my drivers licence and passport ( no i'm not on interpol's most wanted list)..The embassy will only do me up an official declaration of identity or give me one way travel documents back to BC.."Our hands are tied" so they say.

My question is this,as we are already officially married,will the prefecture issue a carte de sejour with some official Canadian document with my picture and relevants on it declaring i'm a canadian citizen in place of my passport? I mean it's all a done deal,i just figured i'd ask here in the faint hope of gleaning any useful info before i try my luck down at the prefecture..Many thanks in advance for any advice rendered.



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Posted by AlenaLindsay-184315 - 15 years ago

They're not exactly forthcoming down at the Nice prefecture. I mean, if you come in and deal with all the bs, get to the top of the line and you dont have all of your papers- for whatever reason- they're gonna give you a piece of paper reminding you of the papers you need and tell you to go get out of their face. They arent going to want to hear your story. My advice: get professional help- someone whose job it is to deal with them, to deal with immigration situations, and save yourself a lot of trouble. If you do want to have a go down at the Pre. yourself, however, you'll have to prove when you entered France, along with proof of identity. Good luck.